What is a Flagship Program?

While browsing our website and catalog, you’ll notice certain programs are marked “Flagship.” At 21 days, Flagship programs are our longest, allowing for space in the itinerary to visit neighboring cities, go on overnight excursions, participate in GLA's unabridged leadership curriculum, complete a Capstone project and have more time for dedicating to service and deepening friendships with peers and locals.

While the same objectives can be achieved on our shorter programs, giving volunteers more time to adjust to life in a different country and additional days with service projects ultimately presents the opportunity to make a greater impact and learn more from the community. Students have given GLA’s Flagship programs the highest ratings for good reason.

Is there a significance to 21 days?

While the theory faces some criticism, it is widely believed that you can make or break most habits when consistently practicing a routine for 21 days. While each habit is as different as the person trying to change it, 21 days continues to be regarded as an ideal amount of time to try a totally new experience.

Enroll in a Flagship Program

Through January 31, GLA is offering $400 Service Grants to six impactful Flagship Programs, for ambitious teens who are ready to commit 21 days this summer to making a positive change both in their own habits and in the lives of the communities they volunteer in.

The deadline to enroll with a $400 Service Grant is January 31. Click here for instructions on redeeming the grant and to view the six eligible program options.