Arts & Letters Fellowship - Videography Track

You can select the Videography Track as a GLA Arts & Letters Fellow.

What is the Videography Track?

The GLA Arts & Letters Fellowship for Videography is about pushing your limits in the visual media of filmmaking.

Documentary filmmakers try to pursue subjects that will change the world, and on your GLA program you’ll have the opportunity to create your own world-changing film. You will be invited to interview interesting members of the community, other students, and mentors, all the while striving to develop the vision for your film and sharpen an eye for cinematic aesthetics.

The Videography Track of an Arts & Letters Fellowship requires accepted participants to complete pre-program, on-program, and post-program assignments or projects. Learn more about each below!


While preparing for your trip and the video you’ll create, you’ll need to do some research into filmmakers that have come before and analyze one of several films or books for creative inspiration and learning.

Once you’re finished watching the film or book you choose, answer the questions in the corresponding worksheets. This worksheet must be submitted before you leave for your program.


Once on your program, you will be asked to think about what type of story you want to tell with your film. Do you want to have a interview heavy film with clips of experiences on top? Do you want to use all visuals with no voice over? Be creative! This will be your chance to get shots you can’t get anywhere else, so you'll want to try and make them unique.

The creativity of your video will be enitrely up to you. You will be tasked with making it your own and will learn to develop your personal style that conveys exactly what you want to show.

This will help you as you complete your final project post-program.

IMPORTANT: You must  have your own camera to bring on your program that is not a smartphone. GLA has strict cell phone policies, so you’ll need to shoot all of your footage on an external camera, such as a DSLR, a GoPro, or a camcorder.


Once you get back home, it will be time to put put all your footage together into a cohesive story. Editing is one of the most difficult parts of the filmmaking process, but also one of the most important. Don’t be afraid to take some chances in editing!

Part of your learning process will be sorting through your footage and discovering which clips from your program fit within the scope of your video, based on your learning throughout the fellowship.

You final project will be outlined in greater detail in your Fellowship Curriculum, which you will receive upon acceptance as an Arts & Letters Fellow in the Videography Track.

Completion of your final videography project will be the capstone to your fellowship and an incredible highlight you can feature on upcoming college applications and beyond.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply, please fill out the Arts & Letters Fellowship Application and select the Videography Track.

*Please note: You must have a Google account (Gmail) to access the application and apply. If you don't have one yet, creating a Google account is easy and takes only a few minutes. Click here to learn how.