Field Notes

Updates from Spring Break

Reporting to you from our programs in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic—this is Spring Break!

Spring Break is flying by! From March to April, GLA runs several sessions of our 8-day Spring Break programs in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, to accommodate different school schedules. Here's a selection of photos and stories from our students participating in the first two weeks of Spring Break programs. Enjoy!

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Costa Rica: Spring Break Sea Turtle Initiative™

"At the beach, the GLA family worked hard and filled up fifteen trash bags. After working hard, we cooled off in the ocean. We discussed our plan to teach students in town the next day. Overall we had an AMAZING day and we are all excited to experience a new adventure tomorrow!"

"Waking up this morning to the orchestra of birds, our GLA family was treated to a traditional and homemade Costa Rican breakfast of arepas with freshly squeezed orange juice. Qué rico! Once breakfast was over, the owner of our Home Base, Jason, led a tour around the surrounding farm. We saw some amazing plants including pineapple, vanilla, and a variety of indigenous plants. We even got to taste the meat and water of a ripe coconut! Yum!"

"The GLA family trekked through the beach last night on our night patrol with our guide Carlos. Unfortunately we did not see any turtles but we learned a lot about the stars and discussed life theories."

Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic...

Dominican Republic: Spring Break Service Adventure - Commmunity Impact Track

"Today we spent time in the local community Cano Dulce, helping build a house for a local man and his family. We spent the day doing various jobs such as plastering, nailing wires, filling walls with reused plastic bottles—which act as a low-cost, reycled insulation material—and leveling floors. Any downtime was spent with the local kids!"

"In Cabarete, we went on a short walk through the woods to a small cave filled with spring water. The water was cold and refreshing after our walk through the hot forest. We said our goodbyes to the locals at Cabarete, and than made our way to a beautiful beach. The water was amazing and the sand was blistering hot."

Dominican Republic: Spring Break Service Adventure - Global Health Track

"Today we set out to begin our first project! Together we aim to (over the next two days) build a fully functional bathroom facility. We began by using recycled bottles to create the insulation and inner pieces of the bathroom, and digging a 6’x6’x6′ hole for the septic. Tomorrow we hope to finish the septic and cement the outer walls of the bathroom. We left the site with smiles on our faces!"

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