How GLA Supports Students and Parents in Everything We Do

Here is how Go Overseas described 'Support' when they named Global Leadership Adventures a top performer in this category, as part of their recently announced 2018 Community Choice Awards winners.

"When we ask reviews to consider the "Support" factor, we want to know how the program ensures participants have both the structure they need and the freedom to explore and learn from the world. The following providers scored highest in the Support category, demonstrating a commitment to helping High Schoolers experience the world on their own – but with support if they need it."

When GLA students arrive on-program, they become part of the greater plan for change. Global issues that were once intangible become present in welcoming communities. Working side by side with our local partners, directors and mentors, our students become engaged in understanding how the efforts they make accelerate steps toward sustainable change, in their host communities, but also in themselves.

Our program staff are not chaperones; they are experts and mentors. As part of the GLA experience, students are connected with accomplished program leaders who have in-depth professional experience working with youth. These guides know how to best facilitate an exceptional adventure abroad for teens, one that allows them ample room to explore and learn more about themselves, and an amazing support structure should they need a helping hand.

Our students also meet like-minded teens who share their passions for travel, volunteering and so much more. These new friendships provide the backbone of our programs: peer support and fellowship through common interests and ideals.

Many of our alumni leave our programs valuing the people they met - staff members, new friends, and people in the community - most.

As for our parents back home, GLA is your tireless mission control. In other words, we're with you every step of the way. We understand it can be challenging for parents to leave their teen to the care of others, so we take equal care in providing superior support for every parent, before, during, and post-program.

This includes:

  • Full Pre-Departure Support
  • In-Country Support and Updates
  • Post-Program Follow-Up

If you're interested in learning more about the GLA experience, and how we help support both our student travelers and parents, visit our Why GLA page here.