Summer Stats & Shout Outs

Program Stats

Average program score overall: 5.54/6.00 or 92%

How many students travelled with GLA in 2019: 2,879

Student Impact

Some choice quotes from the student program evaluations. There were just too many to choose from! Every program had glowing reviews and students whose lives will never be the same. 

Africa & Europe

"So... this experience was phenomenal. I have learned so much. The journey I went through to get to go this trip was an experience itself. I don't know how to express my feeling for this trip except for life-changing, view changing, and amazing.The experience was so great.. I will never forget and will one day come back to Tanzania. I'm passionate about it and when I'm passionate about something I will pursue it. The local staff was outstanding and so was the international staff. Lodrick is do amazing and great at his job. Thank-you for the opportunity.... I am forever impacted." --Tanzania 21-day

"GLA, I have learned so much about who I am and I have connected with myself so much more than I have in the past year. Finding myself again, making a difference, and being happy throughout this whole trip made me realize what I want to be and how I want to feel, always. Thank you. The mentors were amazing and left a mark on me. This trip was amazing." --Ghana: Children of Africa 14-day

Asia & the Pacific

"This is the first time that I did volunteer work in a foreign country, and this trip has impacted me in several ways. I learned more about myself. I learned more about other cultures. I learned more about the world. Especially all the evening activities strongly influenced me positively, since I always think that it is more important to reflect on an experience than really experiencing it. I learned about how others think differently from me and reflected deeply on myself. And that is really impressive." --Bali: Global Health Initiative

"This experience was life-changing for me because, through my experiences in the program, I have gained a sense of acceptance for different cultures and their differences from my own culture. Additionally, conversations during mentor groups and leadership activities have motivated me to make changes to my daily lifestyle and rituals, which is definitely something that will change my life for the better." --Thailand: In & Beyond the Classroom 14-day

Caribbean & Central America

"I think that this experience really inspired me to choose a career path in the future that makes an impact on the world because it completely immersed me in a lifestyle that is different, more challenging, and less fortunate than mine. It really opened my eyes to what I can do for the people on this world, and how one person making even the slightest difference is important. I feel more motivated now than I ever have in my life to help out and try to leave a positive mark in the world." --Dominican Republic: Caribbean Service Adventure

"This was a life-changing trip for me because I gained so much knowledge through the experiences I had here. I saw difficult times and amazing ones and I do feel changed by the way I dealt with the situations on this trip. I am moved by the culture here and the place itself. The GLA program showed me a lot about being a leader which is something I wasn’t sure if I would learn. GLA Guatemala was an experience I will never forget and I’m so grateful for the opportunity’s I’ve had while here." --Guatemala

Costa Rica & South America

"This trip has taught me so much — the people have showed me that I am loved and deserve to be loved; the service proved to me how valuable dedication and hard work truly is; the country and it’s locals have taught me to be humble and appreciate how privileged I am. Overall, the experience solidified who I am as a person. I feel more like me." --Costa Rica: Animal Rescue Project 21-day

"This trip has honestly been one of the best experiences of my life. The combination of leadership, adventure, service, culture, friendships, and life experiences is unmatched. I’ve never done anything like this before, and every asset of the trip has impacted me in a positive manner. With international, national, and local perspectives, the collaboration created an atmosphere that’s not attainable through a simple vacation or volunteer opportunity. I will never forget this experience."--Peru: Foundations of Global Health

Custom Group Travel

"This was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. I enjoyed disconnecting and really focusing on being with each other and nature. I felt that I was really given the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture and learn about new people." --CGT: Costa Rica Mater Dei