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Student ambassadors apply to represent GLA after their summer abroad experience

What is GLA's Global Ambassador Program?

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Global Leadership Adventures offers a student ambassador program as a way for teen alumni of our programs to spread the word about international volunteering opportunities. One of GLA's core missions is to inspire the next generation of young leaders to make a positive impact on the world, and our student ambassadors are our front line in rousing enthusiasm and support for teen volunteering and leadership.

Global ambassadors are selected every fall, and are asked to contribute their efforts in ways that suit their own leadership styles. Students receive points based on their contributions, and ambassadors who acquire enough points are eligible for receiving scholarships toward a summer abroad experience, among other prizes.

Frequent contributions by student ambassadors include social media outreach, hosting open houses to introduce new families to the idea of volunteering overseas, helping to lead a webinar, and more.

Why is a leadership ambassador program important for high school students?

One of the reasons we offer this program is to provide GLA alumni with a direct opportunity to apply the leadership skills they picked up on their program in a meaningful way. Leadership skills are often confused with basic skills like tying your shoes or riding a bike. Except in this case, leadership takes consistent application - challenges that students find rewarding to overcome.

In our ever-more competitive and globalized world, leadership skills have become major assets in applying to college and career positions. They set you apart from the crowd.

Many of our ambassadors - past and present - have gone on to attend the most prestigious universities and start organizations of their own.

How do I join?

Joining our ambassador program is a two-part process.

First, while on your program, you'll want to show you are a motivated participant, a team player, and someone who inspires other as a leader on the program. GLA's international directors and mentors keep an eye out for these students, and at the end of the program, select several names to submit for ambassador consideration.

Then, if your name has been submitted, you'll be given the opportunity to apply for the ambassador program. You'll receive a message containing all the information you need to apply, and upon review, you'll learn of your acceptance into the program.

We encourage each and every GLA student to make a positive impact, and if you do, you may become an ambassador (and possibly even our Ambassador of the Year).

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