Program Highlights

Step Into an Elephant Village in Thailand

Travel to the Chiang Mai region, in northern Thailand, for an exciting two-week adventure

Deep in the heart of a northern Thai jungle, on the banks of the Kok River, is a small village called Ruammit- home to several Hill Tribes and an elephant cooperative. This is your chance to "save the elephants" in your own way: experience an elephant village, and understand the important role these amazing animals play in Thai society! Gain hands on experience with these gentle giants while volunteering and immersing yourself in an authentic community.

Learn The Ropes

Not many teenagers can say that they’ve spent time with a mahout- or elephant trainer- in a small Thai village, but GLA students in Thailand get to do just that! Students will travel to the Chiang Mai region, in northern Thailand, for an exciting two-week adventure. During this time, local mahouts will teach you the techniques of caring for an elephant, and you’ll build a relationship with your assigned elephant over the course of the program. Imagine waking up early in the morning, walking next door to meet your mahout, and taking your elephant in Thailand on a trek through the jungle, or down to the river for a bath. You’ll bathe, clean, and work on training your elephant- an experience you’ll never forget!

Cultural Experiences

Although you’ll spend the majority of your time in Thailand volunteering with your elephant and learning from your mahout, you’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Thai culture through many other activities and excursions, including:

  • Learning about the role of elephants in Thailand and how it have changed over time
  • Exploring strategies for sustainable rural community development
  • Rock climbing in Chiang Mai
  • Hiking through the beautiful mountains to Lahu Village for an overnight stay with a local family
  • Visiting a local school and volunteering with the children there