Spring Break Showdown!

Should you Spring Break in Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic? (Spoiler alert: They're both winners!)

Global Leadership Adventures offers two Spring Break programs for high school students:

Which program is more suited to your interests or schedule? Both offer incredible experiences, feature adventure excursions, afford you the opportunity to live close to nature and the local culture and have availability in multiple sessions from March through April—but we thought you might like to do a side-by-side comparison of dates, service projects, learning opportunities and adventure activities:

Side-by-side comparison: Programs at a Glance

Costa Rica is a little bit more accessible and caps at a smaller group size. The Dominican Republic, however, is also easy to reach and has the same student-to-staff ratio. Both programs are near gorgeous beaches and feature 20 hours of community service.

Community Service & Hands-on Learning

Costa Rica's community service and learning themes revolve around environmental preservation and wildlife conservation. Projects work with a local nonprofit that fights illegal poaching and protects turtle habitats as well as the natural beauty of Costa Rica. The Dominican Republic community service and learning themes are more related to community development and public health. Service activities are more physical and include helping a medical brigade operate a pop-up clinic for rural and impoverished communities.

Adventure Activities

Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic both feature amazing adventure activities that take advantage of each destination's natural features. You couldn't go wrong with either ziplining through rainforests or going snorkeling over coral reefs. Both programs offer the opportunity to live very close to nature and to local populations and cultures.

So, there you have it! If you need further help deciding on the right Spring Break program for you, give our Enrollment Specialists a call at +1 858-771-0645 and they can talk to day-by-day itineraries with you, flight options and more.

You can also take the short, for-fun quiz below!

Which program is more popular?

We ran a quiz/poll on our Instagram Story, and got nearly a 50/50 split from over 1,000 quiz-takers (as of Friday evening, at least!). The truth is, both destinations are naturally stunning, feature fun adventures, work on sustainable service projects that target critical needs, and of course have great Caribbean food (both can accommodate special diets). You couldn't go wrong with either program.

Why should I go on a Spring Break service-learning adventure?

At 8 days long, Spring Break is one of the best opportunities to dip your toe in the water of service abroad, and get a first taste of what it's like to be in a new country. It's also simply a good way to pack more meaning into your week off. Short and sweet, these weeklong programs are still very immersive and rewarding for any student who is fired up to do something positive for the world while having an amazing time in Central America.

The Quiz (6 Questions)

Try to remember if you pick more "A" or more "B" answers.

Tally up your "A" versus "B" answers!

If you answered mostly "A," consider spending your week off saving sea turtles on our Costa Rica: Spring Break Sea Turtle Initiative.

If you answered mostly "B," consider working on a community development or global health project on our Dominican Republic: Spring Break Service Adventure.