Spanish Language Immersion in Action

The benefits of learning Spanish in Spain on our Spanish Service in Action™ program

Learning Spanish in Spain

The GLA Experiential Language Curriculum™ combines language learning in the classroom with immersion through community service, excursions and cultural activities.

On our Spain: Spanish Service in Action™ program, you will experience first-hand how language is shaped by place and culture. Unlike learning and practicing Spanish in the United States, Mexico or throughout Central and South America, Spain is the Spanish language homeland, and the language has been spoken here since long before Europeans first arrived across the Atlantic.

For teens interested in Europe and looking to travel throughout the European continent someday, learning Spanish in Spain can be a real asset (one that will also benefit you back home if you're more fluent in the language upon returning to the States, even if they don't use the Vosotros conjugations here!).

Culture + Language = Immersion

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Toledo, Spain has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, known for its impressive heritage found through local customs and monuments. It is a playground for learning. Toldeo is often called "the city of three cultures" as Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all rooted in this city. While in Toledo, you'll see how even with a shared language, different customs and backgrounds can thrive independently and interdependently.

The legend of Don Quixote de la Mancha, whose famous route ran through the city of Toledo, will also give you an insight into how written Spanish has affected real life in the region. While on our 21-day Flagship program, you'll go on an authentic "Street Life Tour" in Barcelona while practicing your Spanish with friendly locals along the way (though you'll also no doubt hear the local Catalan language being spoken as well, a treat unique to this part of the world).

Building Bridges with Others through Language

As part of your community service proejct in Spain, you'll lend a hand to Spanish children so they develop better opportunities in the future by improving their English language skills. In Toledo, volunteer at a school running a summer English camp with kids. Help them to learn English and develop other key skills that will prepare them for the future.

See how being bilingual in English and Spanish opens up new doors of opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable, especially in Europe, where English is widely spoken for business, government and tourism purposes.

Live in a Castle (Yeah, You Heard Us Right, a Castle!)

So this part has less to do with language learning, but it's cool.

Your Home Base in Spain is located in a castle in Toledo overlooking a historic section of the city, and is a half-hour stroll from the center of the city. El Albergue San Servando is a landmark, and at one time served as a monastery, occupied by knights and monks.

Students will share rooms with roommates and have shared bathrooms. While in Madrid, and for the 21-day program while in Barcelona, students won't be in a castle, but will stay in comfortable hostels.

Interested? Check out our Spain program page for details and photos from the field!