Spanish Immersion While Volunteering in Costa Rica

The benefits of learning Spanish in Costa Rica on our Spanish Service Adventure program

Ever feel like something is missing from Spanish class? Once you start interacting with the locals in Costa Rica, you’ll definitely see the difference. Speaking with a native Costa Rican is one of the best ways to find the rhythm that flows in Latin American Spanish.

On GLA’s Spanish Service Adventure, each time you go out to a service site or have a home visit with a local family, you’ll get a chance to enhance your language skills and push yourself to communicate. It’s not all about grammar! Just putting yourself out there with friendly locals that want to help you learn will boost your confidence and allow you to pick up Spanish faster than you thought possible.

Once in Costa Rica, you’ll work with green building initiatives that will let you see first-hand the harm plastic waste can do to the environment and then give you the opportunity to do something about it! You’ll also get the chance to partner with small, local coffee farms that care about environmental protection. You’ll be able to help with the transition these farms are making from conventional to organic coffee production.

If you’ve ever wanted to zipline though the canopy of a cloud forest, learn to surf on a pristine beach, or raft down the Pacuare River’s world-class whitewater, this program has everything to get your heart pumping! While speaking Spanish with instructors and guides, you’ll be able to go on thrilling excursions and explore the vast amount of experiences Costa Rica has to offer. You’ll even get a chance to hike into Antonio National Park!

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with lush cloud forests and incredible beaches being only a small part of the draw. Costa Rica is teeming with wildlife, having more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity. The country is also extremely passionate about environmental conservation, with approximately 25% of the country containing protected forests and reserves.

So what are you waiting for? There isn’t a better way to spend your summer than learning to speak Spanish like a local Costa Rican, or Tico as they like to be called, and going on one of the most compelling adventures you’ve ever been on.

Your spot on the Spanish Service Adventure is waiting for you! Reserve your spot before the program fills!