Parent Testimonial on Safety

Learn 5 ways we keep our students safe

The following is a testimonial from the mother of a GLA student. In it, she shares her initial hesitation about sending her daughter abroad, how GLA helped her feel secure in her teen's safety overseas, and the independence her child gained through the experience.

"When my 16-year-old daughter suggested taking her first trip with GLA, I was apprehensive. She was a sheltered teenage girl who had never even been to sleep away camp! How could I possibly send her overseas alone?!

"I had many questions and concerns… I took to the Internet and immediately got in contact with an experienced GLA advisor. She not only had the answers to all of my questions, but was patient enough to take the time to answer every question in detail to quell my fears…

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"As many people know, when it comes to raising children, it is important to find a balance between giving them a “comfortable life” vs. a “life of indulgence.” Teaching them compassion, leadership, and the desire to make a change in this world takes it one step further. When I contemplated sending my daughter on a Global Leadership Adventures program, I had hoped that she would return home with the realization of how lucky she is to be born in the life that she was.

"I wanted to see if all of the lessons that I had tried to instill in her would allow her to contribute to the bettering of herself and to others. I did not, however, expect her to be as deeply effected mentally and emotionally by her experience. She came off the plane saying “GLA was the best experience of my life!” Before we got home, she was already planning her next trip.

"The GLA program offered us the ability to allow our daughter to spread her wings and exert her independence all while being closely supervised... I feel that learning and practicing independence will help her in the choosing of and transition to college. She is a stronger, happier, more independent, civic-minded girl who has developed a love of travel and forged countless new friendships after her first trip.

To me, that is success!"

To ensure the safety of all our students and provide for a meaningful, life-changing experience, GLA uses its 5 Point Safety System™ on each and every program.

1. Safe and Secure Lodging

Each program has a GLA Home Base, a place for GLA students only. It’s their home away from home — to relax, enjoy meals with GLA staff and other volunteers, and reflect. Students room together in gender-segregated group lodging.

2. Caring Supervision

GLA policy is for no student to ever be by themselves at any point in time. Students should be either with staff members, in groups, or assigned to a buddy. Our average student-staff ratio is 6:1.

3. Healthy Meals and Pure Water

Meals are prepared fresh daily, with a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and bread. Students may sample local cuisine, but Western-style and vegetarian options are also available. Students also have access to unlimited safe drinking water.

4. Expert Local Knowledge

Our in-country staff members have intimate knowledge of the host community. They have established relationships with medical professionals in the area, as well as local organizations where students do community service.

5. Safe and Comfortable Transportation

Students are transported in GLA-approved vehicles by experienced, licensed drivers. At time of arrival, GLA staff will be at the airport to meet and greet students. If the plane is delayed, they will wait until students arrive. At airport drop-off, GLA staff will help students check in and make sure students know how to find their flight.

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