Return Staffing FAQ

All your burning rehire queries answered

If you've spent a summer with us before, are in good standing with GLA, and would like to reprise your role as a seasonal staff member, we are beyond excited to hear that. Whether you are still recovering from your summer or are already rarin' to go again, please see our most frequently asked staffing questions from this time of year. 

Madison Moore will once again be spearheading the hiring process and will be your go-to person. She can be reached at

Q. I cannot WAIT to come back for another summer? How do I apply?

A. We’d love you to be a part of our incredible alumni staff network and join us again in 2020. If you’re interested in returning to the GLA family next summer and are already thinking about your next placement, don’t worry -- you will hear from us by the end of October about next steps for 2020 hiring and placement.

Q. What if I want to get the ball rolling now?

A. While we admire your go-getterness, we ask that you hold off for now and wait for us to contact you. We are still in the planning process and will reach out when we’re ready to start staffing for the coming summer. Enjoy the fall, check out our new locations on the website, and start daydreaming about your next adventure!

Q. How do I make the leap from Mentor to Director, if that’s what I’m ultimately interested in?

A. We’re glad to hear that you’re thinking of mixing it up. Last year, 72% of of our International Directors were returning to work with GLA, either as a returning ID or stepping up from their Mentor role. This is something we can discuss in October as we talk about 2020 placement, your professional growth goals, and GLA’s needs.

Q. I loved my summer with GLA, but I’m interested in a full-time position. Is HQ hiring?

A. Currently, we are all staffed up at HQ; however, this could always change! Check our job opportunities page for updates in the future.

We are on the hunt for a Country Field Specialist for our Peru programs. We haven’t yet posted publicly, but if you meet the following description and are interested, please reach out to Shawna at

The Country Field Specialist will represent GLA in Peru. They will help manage all operations for existing programs, engage in new program development, and, during the months of June - August, provide 24/7 hands-on support to summer field staff and programming.

They will work closely with the South America Regional Director of International Programs as they seek to efficiently provide high quality, cost-effective programming.

This position will work remotely; therefore, the ability to utilize multiple technology platforms and engage in effective written and oral communication is essential.

Status: Full-time
Location: Cusco, Peru based [Candidates currently living in country or with extensive experience in Peru are highly preferred.]
Start date: January 1, 2020