Our Programs Connect!

GLA programs are designed to connect! Sign up for two or more sessions this summer for the most comprehensive travel experience.

Call an Enrollment Specialist at +1 858-771-0645 to enroll in a Multi-Program and get 10% off your combined tuition!

What is a Multi-Program?

A multi-program simply refers to combining two or more GLA program sessions for a longer, fuller summer experience.

GLA programs are designed to connect, giving you the opportunity to build an extended summer experience visiting different communities and learning about various global issues. You can work at a sea turtle hatchery in Costa Rica and then jet off to the Galápagos Islands for another angle on wildlife conservation. Or, explore two issues within the same country. Meet more peers, get to know more community members, explore a region on a deeper level and really pursue your wanderlust!

How do I enroll in a Multi-Program?

Step 1: Check out GLA's official list of recommended multi-programs!

Our official multi-programs, which we call Linked Multi-Programs, are the easiest to enroll in, because we've already ensured the end date of your first program connects to the start date of your second. To make it even easier, you can select our linked options directly from the enrollment page as you complete your application, though we still advocate calling or emailing us first so we can help guide you through all the details. Plus, we've worked hard to meticulously curate linked multis that connect thematically or regionally, so your experience will be meaningful and truly unforgettable.

(Or, if you can't make an offiically linked program from the above list, consider enrolling in two separate programs to custom-create your own unique adventure. They may not connect by travel dates, but you can always bookend your summer with two programs you can't choose between!)

Step 2: Call an Enrollment Specialist!

Start the enrollment process by calling an Enrollment Specialist. We'll review your itinerary together and make sure it's feasible. Your Enrollment Specialist can also ensure that you receive 10% off your combined tuition!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get to my second program?

That's what GLA's expert Enrollment Specialists and Travel Coordinators are here for! Based on your multi-program selection, our travel pros will help guide you through any logistics on how to get from one program to the next. Because each multi experience is unique, we can help you figure out a custom travel plan that works for you.

We'll also communicate travel logistics prior to your departure, including who will be waiting for you at your next Home Base.

If you're going on two separate programs at different dates during the summer, you'll simply follow the standard travel guidelines for arriving and departing from each program location.

What about laundry?

We will let the staff at your second program know you're coming from another GLA program and will likely have a backpack full of dirty clothing. Staff will make sure you have the opportunity to do your laundry at Home Base within the first few days of arrival, and that you have a chance to restock any toiletries you may have run out of.

How do I pack for connecting programs that switch climates?

You'll receive a separate packing list for each program you're participating in. Study both: Many items are likely to overlap and you may not need to bring as much as you fear!

We recommend getting a bit creative to save space wherever you can: Pack items that do double duty. Purchase your toiletries in-country. Only bring the essentials (P.S. Costco-sized boxes of Top Ramen or Nature Valley Bars are not essential!). Invest in an ultralight puffy jacket and wool shirt that can keep you warm even in the coldest climates, but pack down easily when you don't need them. Wear your hiking boots on the plane and pack your sandals. There are many nifty tips and tricks we've learned in our years of travel for packing light—your Travel Coordinator will be happy to share them, and you might hear more during your Pre-Departure Webinars!

How many community service hours do I get?

Every GLA program has a unique number of community service hours, depending on the service project your group participates in (you can find this number on each program's webpage). You'll receive a certificate of completion for your combined total of community service hours once you return from your final session.

For more information on building your perfect itinerary, contact our Enrollment Specialists at +1 858-771-0645 or