Experience New Global Service-Learning Programs in 2020

Discover brand new GLA programs in Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and the Pacific.

From an incredible hospital immersion experience in Thailand to an up-close journey with llamas in Peru, you'll find Global Leadership Adventures' brand new programs for Spring Break and Summer 2020 have something for every interest! In fact, each combines a meaningful community service project with immersive learning and adventure to deliver a life-changing experience for the teens who enroll.

Discover more about each experience below!

Thailand: Hospital & Health Initiative™ >>

Get caught up in Thailand's wonders as you rotate through different hospital departments. On this program you will explore the convergence of eastern and western medicine in Thailand through observing a variety of healthcare facilities. Find out what healthcare looks like for Thai people through site visits to several different medical care settings. Give your tastebuds a treat with a variety of delicious Thai dishes, some of which you'll learn to cook yourself! Immerse yourself in a bright and vibrant culture unlike any other on earth.

Philippines: Climate Action Island Adventure >>

Be an eco warrior in the Philippines, where rich culture and a welcoming community meets pristine natural beauty. On this program you will do your part to battle the effects of climate change while exploring Palawan, sometimes referred to as the “Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines.” The region is home to beautiful beaches, diverse sea life, and breathtaking limestone formations; however, deforestation, rising water levels, and the increasingly devastating effects of natural disasters have taken their toll on this island nation. Work with a variety of organizations dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and empowering local indigenous communities.

Hawaii: Sea Turtle Marine Conservation™ >>

Journey to tropical Hawaii, where you’ll learn to protect it’s abundant ocean life and discover that traditional Hawaiian culture is very much alive today. On this program you will explore a side of Hawaii that most will never see as you work to preserve some of the world's most threatened wildlife. The island of Maui is home to five of the world's seven species of sea turtle, most of which are classified as endangered--poachers, habitat destruction, and climate change have threatened the "honu" (the Hawaiian name for sea turtle) as well as other ocean creatures that rely on the delicate marine ecosystem for survival. Learn all about these creatures as you help to restore their home and pave the way for future generations.

Morocco: Cultural Kaleidoscope™ >>

Uncover the secrets of magical Morocco as you immerse yourself in unique spices, meaningful service, and smiles you'll never forget. On this program you will spend time in four Moroccan cities—Rabat, Marrakesh, Casablanca and Oukaimeden, a small city at the foot of the Atlas Mountains—to acquire a holistic perspective on the intricacies of North African culture. With a distinctive mix Arab, African, and European influence, Morocco is a colorful, fragrant and uniquely diverse country ripe for exploration. Through formal Arabic instruction and practicing with children in the summer camp at which you will volunteer, you'll be fully immersed in all that this country has to offer.

Peru: Llama & Animal Service Adventure >>

Explore the culturally-rich Peruvian highlands through llama-based projects and community initiatives. On this program you will serve the animals that are an integral part of rural South American life. Peruvians have been relying on llamas as pack animals and since they were domesticated centuries ago. Alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas each mave a role to play, both in the culture, traditions, and rural economies of Peruvian herders. Work alongside veterinarians in a pop up clinic and help spread awareness about pet ownership as you explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of Peru!

Costa Rica: Surf & Ocean Stewardship Adventure >>

Awaken your inner self as you ride Costa Rica’s waves and connect with the local community through your environmental efforts. On this program you will learn from seasoned veterans of the local surf community how to paddle out, pop up and trim across Costa Rica’s pristine waves. Connect deeply with community leaders of Bahia Ballena, your beachside home, and organize a community service event for local children and citizens. Consider the role that sustainable development plays in Tico society, and spend your days surfing and engaging in high-energy volunteering and outdoor adventure.

Costa Rica: Spring Break Beachside Service Adventure >>

Make an impact this spring break as you lend a hand in a rural Costa Rican beach community. On this program you will spend spring break on Costa Rica’s idyllic Pacific coast, where you’ll volunteer in a beachside community on one of several projects available. While Costa Rica has many achievements to boast of, there are many Costa Rican communities - individuals, families and children alike - who still need your support. Clean up beaches, play sports with local children, help improve the schools and relax after a hard day's work at our beautiful Home Base. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy some fun in the sun, watersports, ziplining, and other activities with your new friends from all over the world!

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