My flight was delayed… what do I do? Part I

The upside of a layover

Delayed flights are part and parcel of being a world traveler. It may be frustrating when you’re excited to get to your final destination, only to find that you’re stuck at your layover airport for a few extra hours than intended. But think about the upside! You’re now a air travel pro, as all flyers have to deal with delays every once in a while.

Airports have plenty of shops and restaurants to explore, often with plenty of cuisine to try that’s local to the region. If you’re stuck in Miami for example, trying some Cuban food can make those two extra hours something to talk about upon your arrival in your destination country. And most airports have access to WiFi, so it’s a great chance to get some final emails or Facebook posts into friends and family before beginning your GLA experience.

If all else fails, getting a final nap in near your gate can be a real help, especially when you’re going to be dealing with jet lag after you complete the final leg of your international journey. Soak up all the rest while you can!