Why a Multi-Program?

With GLA multi-programs, students can link two programs together for an even longer and more immersive experience abroad!

Why go on multiple GLA summer programs, you ask? With a multi-program, you’ll get two or more GLA program sessions for a longer, fuller summer experience. Going on a “multi-program,” as we call it, gives students a chance to meet more like-minded friends, learn about another global issue and explore a region on a deeper level. It’s the perfect option for the extra-ambitious teen and makes for a truly eye-opening summer.

Our programs are designed to connect, giving you the opportunity to build an extended summer experience visiting different communities and learning about various global issues. You can work at a sea turtle hatchery in Costa Rica and then jet off to the Galápagos Islands for another angle on wildlife conservation. Or, explore two issues within the same country.

A great option for a multi-program in the same country is our 14-day Ghana: Children of Africa program and Ghana: Building Healthy Villages program. First, you’ll get to tutor children at a village primary school and help refurbish different school facilities. Then, head nearby to another town where you’ll be a part of an invigorating 2-week building project and see your work through from the ground up to completion.

You’ll learn all about public health and medical issues in the communities of developing countries like Ghana. You’re guaranteed to meet many inspiring people along the way, and leave feeling like you made a true impact on the communities you visited.

Meet more peers, get to know more community members, and really pursue your wanderlust on a GLA multi-program this summer!