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If you haven't enrolled in a program yet, it's not too late! And it's easy because GLA is here to help. Check out the story below of Becky and Serena, a mom-and-daughter duo from Oregon who found GLA's summer programs at the last minute and still managed to make Serena's dream trip to the Dominican Republic a reality.

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We're counting on you! A number of GLA's service projects still need a few more students to make them the best they can be, so we're offering FREE APPLICATIONS to new students from June 11th through the first day of summer, June 21st. Our goal is to help world-changers like you travel to these communities and make a lasting impact this summer. An extra set of helping hands - like yours - can make all the difference between potentially leaving a project at summer's end for our local partners to finish, and being certain that we see the work through to completion as a team.

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While all programs with open spots are eligible for the app fee waiver, July and August sessions have the most openings.

You can also scroll down for a list of programs that can benefit most from your presence this summer.

Last Call - Enroll in Programs That Need You This Summer

Belize: The Initiative for Children™

Inspire the development of the English language and literacy among youth in Belize by staffing an empowering educational summer program for local youth. You’ll lead children in experiential learning and outdoor activities that tie into their language lessons. These are just a few of the creative methods you’ll adopt to make learning more engaging. In the only country in Central America where the national language is English and one-third of the population is under 15 years old, you’ll form bonds with your enthusiastic students that will reflect the difference a quality education can make.

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Brazil: Rio & Amazon Expedition™

The jaguar once roamed millions of square kilometers from Argentina to Arizona. However, decades of deforestation and hunting have drastically shrunk its habitat and eliminated over half of the historic jaguar population. Today, the species is listed as “threatened to near extinction.” Learn why conservation is critical: Jaguars play an important role in keeping the food chain balanced, and the Amazon’s natural, wild environment in equilibrium. With naturalists and biologists, study jaguar behavior through modern tracking methods, and discuss the human-wildlife relationship. You'll also have the chance to contribute to a service project in Rio's favelas, working on community development that benefits local youth.

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Costa Rica: Protecting the Pacific™

Contaminants generated by unsustainable practices around the world find their way into the ocean, impacting the precious ecosystem in Whale Bay and its wildlife. You’ll work alongside passionate conservationists that are committed to protecting this natural resource, as well as helping communities develop sustainably with consideration for the environment. Take part in a reforestation initiative, which protects beaches from erosion, provides suitable habitats for wildlife and combats climate change and sea level rise. Partner with businesses and organizations that have committed to reforest the community with local and native trees, and help construct a community nursery that will raise seedlings for transplanting.

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Costa Rica: Soccer Beyond Borders™

Soccer can be an effective vehicle for positive change and connecting cultures. Work directly with local youth in the small rural beach towns of Brasilito, Potrero and Santa Rosa by providing youth soccer camps! Public schools in these areas face challenges of overcrowded classrooms and lack of resources and most students only attend class for half-days. These soccer camps and after-school programs provide fun, safe and structured activities for local youth when they aren't in school. You will collaborate with public schools and local non-profit organizations to organize these camps with the goal of increasing youth sport participation, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles and promoting cross-cultural connection and understanding.

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Costa Rica: Spanish Service Adventure™

Focus on sustainable development in a rural mountain community. Partner with small, local coffee farms that are committed to transitioning from conventional to organic coffee production. This practice leads to mitigation of local health issues, environmental protection, and long-term economic benefits for small growers and their communities. You’ll also contribute to green building initiatives that reduce plastic waste and improve road conditions, ultimately improving children’s access to schools.

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Dominican Republic: Sports Service Adventure

Whether you’re a star athlete or simply passionate about a sport, a sports lover like you knows that the true power of the game lies in uniting communities, developing resilience, building confidence and inspiring healthy lifestyles. This is your mission: transform your love of sports into action—a way to help people and bring communities together. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll work on physical projects to improve sports facilities for youth in at-risk communities—refurbish a local ballpark or basketball court, or help construct the new hangout for neighborhood youth. You'll also help facilitate a sports camp for local youth, putting your sports leadership skills into action. No matter your project, you’ll be building infrastructure that supports residents’ health and joy beyond their home and school lives. Take breaks during service to scrimmage and play pickup games with the local children. Try to keep up with their energy and passion!

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Guadeloupe: French Caribbean Adventure™

With 77% of its territories classified as natural reserves, Guadeloupe is a prime destination for working on initiatives related to environmental sustainability. Work on ecological-related service projects that play an important role in preserving the area’s natural heritage. Consider how global changes are affecting local communities, and how best to communicate and inform people about them, even when there’s a language barrier. Finally, you'll get the opportunity to teach English to Guadeloupean children.

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Guatemala: Children of the Maya™

Spend your days in Xela becoming fully plugged into the local primary school and surrounding community, volunteering as an English teacher to the Maya children or helping refurbish a library, classrooms and other school facilities. You’ll have the opportunity to creatively develop and deliver lesson plans, play games with the children during recess, and work with organizations committed to improving school grounds and beautifying community facilities. As you spend time volunteering, you'll also learn about social issues that affect Maya youth today.

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Peru: Foundations of Global Health™

Work on a public health research project with high-altitude Andean communities. Observe the natural barriers to access resources faced by rural mountain communities. Through this project, understand why gathering data is critical for implementing sustainable change. In addition, help a local organization deliver campaigns on holistic health and medical awareness, and learn about their traveling clinics which strive to reach communities in the Andes and provide free, quality care that they would otherwise have no access to.

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Peru: Service in the Sacred Valley™

About 8 million Peruvians remain poor, and poverty is deepest among people of indigenous origin living in remote, rural areas. You’ll focus on empowering Peruvian women who work in weaving co-ops creating Andean textiles and fabrics. Your volunteer projects will also include building new infrastructure to support community development and working on economic initiatives for women. Contribute to the wellbeing of rural communities as you see up-close how projects like these can deliver meaningful - and sustainable - change, as well as new opportunities to make a living.

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South Africa: Safari Service Expedition™

Join professional conservationists in the field, assisting with habitat restoration efforts and wildlife monitoring. Help the conservation team eradicate an invasive plant species, learn about anti-poaching, undertake a snare patrol to identify leopards, and learn from passionate wildlife protectors about their personal experiences fighting poachers. Track the movements of elephants and other wildlife by satellite, and learn how rangers set camera traps—join them in combing through video footage to spot camouflaged leopards and other threatened species. Finally, uplifting the surrounding Zulu community is critical to conservation: promote successful and safe conservation programs for this region's endangered wildlife.

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South Africa: Social Change Project™

Cape Town may have its modern identity as a top travel destination, but its heritage still shapes South Africa in a very physical way. Cape Town’s poorer areas are often tucked out of sight, in townships far from its gleaming coastal properties. Join a meaningful project in these township communities working with children in early childhood development centers. You'll be assisting local teachers by working hands-on with students while also helping with ongoing physical projects at the school to help make it a more useful environment. Your impactful work will be rewarded by the bright, smiling faces of the local children who are excited to learn and play with with you every day.

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Thailand: In & Beyond the Classroom™

Volunteer at a school providing English instruction for local youth through classroom time, tutoring, arts, crafts and sports. Over the course of your community service, develop meaningful relationships with your students—serve not only as their teacher, but also a role model, mentor and friend. On the 21-day Flagship Program, you’ll also volunteer on various physical projects that support Thailand’s ethnic minorities, the Northern hill tribes. Accelerate refurbishment efforts to shelters and infrastructure for these displaced families who have historically been marginalized.

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Terms & Conditions

Applicants must enroll in a program and redeem the application fee waiver code between June 11 and June 21, 2019. Waivers are limited to the first 25 applicants to enroll using the code. App fee waivers are exclusive to the application fee paid upon securing your spot on a GLA 2019 program, and it cannot be applied toward the $400 deposit or standard program tuition, which are due with the application. The waiver can only be used toward tuition on eligible Summer 2019 GLA sessions. This offer is eligible only to new enrollments.