Impacting Public Health in Ghana

Watch a video on how you can help impact public health through a sanitation project this summer in Ghana.

GLA's Local Partner and founder of the NGO Dream Big Ghana talks about the work the organization does in rural Ghana. Be part of this impactful work through GLA's Summer 2018 program Ghana: Foundations of Public Health.

When nearly 2.5 billion people around the world don’t have access to satisfactory sanitation, talking about toilets isn’t gross—it’s essential. A simple toilet facility that is private and clean can be a total gamechanger in terms of a rural community's public health, living standards and even girls' access to education.

Check out the video above, featuring the primary project of our Ghana: Foundations of Global Health program—building a brand new, eco-friendly and sanitary ("EcoSan") toilet from start to finish. Get a sense of the warm and colorful community students work in, see footage of Home Base and understand the critical impact of this community service.

Students leave with the knowledge that they've changed the lives of Ghanaian families, providing them with a safe place for relief and valuable compost that can be used to increase crop yield and sustainable food production.

To be a part of this impactful work next summer, check out the Ghana: Foundations of Public Health program page.