Program Highlights

Help to Build a Bottle School

Preserve the island habitat of the Dominican Republic through sustainable building

In the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic, the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important as tourism becomes more popular. Travel to this island paradise for the adventure of a lifetime, provide local communitiies (and your peers) with an education in sustainable development, all while you help to build a school for local children out of recycled materials, including plastic bottles!

Dominican Dreaming

The Dominican Republic is a region of much diversity, and as a volunteer on GLA’s “Building a Sustainable World™” program you’ll have the chance to meet with important NGOs and local leaders who are helping to navigate this diversity while ensuring that the island moves toward a more sustainable future. One of the ways that local innovators have found to improve the quality of life in the region is by using recycled materials to build infrastructure- such as schools- using the motivation and hard work of GLA’s summer volunteers! Imagine walking along a lush, jungle path on your way to the worksite, where dozens of local children follow alongside you, holding your hand and singing traditional songs as you make your way to their school. Best of all, once you arrive at the project site, local community members not only stop by to say hello, but join in on the work! The entire population of this small DR town embraces the GLA students with open arms, and is so happy for the investment in their community.

Adventure Abound

Of course, no trip to the Dominican Republic would be complete without the opportunity to experience all that this action-packed corner of the world has to offer! Students will have the adventure of a lifetime while making a vital impact on the future sustainability. Taking dance and music lessons, snorkeling in the crystal clear ocean, and visiting hidden blue lagoons are all part of the fun on this Dominican Republic journey. Best of all, students will have the chance to see the immediate impact that their summer of service provides the community. You’ll see the projects that previous GLA students have implemented, and be able to talk to the community members about the difference they have made in their lives. This is the perfect program for anyone who wants to have some fun in the sun while also making a difference!