Happy Chinese New Year!

Ring in the Year of the Dog with a $300 Service Grant for our cultural & language immersion program in China this summer.

GLA is celebrating Chinese New Year by awarding $300 Service Grants toward our China: Mandarin Service Adventure program. Volunteer in China and experience the many thoughtful traditions of this extraordinary culture. As you experience everything from modern skyscrapers to rural farmlands, and palaces and teahouses that date back to ancient dynasties, learn how and why cultural heritage should be preserved.

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How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

A festival for families

Chinese New Year is a holiday that families celebrate together. Wherever they are, people come home, often to China’s rural villages, to celebrate the festival with their families.

The GLA China family gathers in front of a traditional temple in Shaxi, an old market town in the Southwest of China.

Traditional decorations

Red is the main color for the New Year festival, so red lanterns hang in streets, red traditional paper cuttings are pasted over each entryway and red symbols of prosperity adorn homes.

Learn the ancient arts of paper cutting, calligraphy and tie-dye from Chinese artisans whose crafts have been passed down from generation to generation.

Eating lucky foods

New Year's Eve dinner is the most important meal of the year in China, celebrating the reunion of families as well as new beginnings in business and farming. Several generations gather and enjoy the food and time together.

GLA students try a traditional Bai barbecue at Shibaoshan, a mountain village that features a cliffside temple and freely roaming monkeys.

Lucky money

“Lucky money” for the New Year is traditionally contained in red envelopes and gifted to children in China as a symbol of prosperity, happiness and well wishes.

Redeem your lucky money from GLA until Wednesday, February 28

  1. Apply for enrollment in China: Mandarin Service Adventure, in the session of your choice. All sessions run for three weeks (21 days).
  2. Enter scholarship code LEADWITHLOVE21 to apply a $300 Service Grant toward your total tuition balance.
  3. Pay the program deposit and application fee at time of enrollment, to secure your spot.
  4. The remaining steps of the application should be completed by March 3 to guarantee your Service Grant.