The Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation

Let’s shift the conversation from awareness to action.

Our reason for being

Beyond bringing awareness to global issues through our Service Learning Adventures™, encouraging action to tackle them is one of Global Leadership Adventures’ most important reasons for being.

100% of every donation goes directly to community-led service projects

Global Leadership Adventures created the GLA International Foundation to be a year-round channel for direct action to support the service projects that our students become passionately involved in each spring break and summer. Because GLA covers all overhead costs, 100% of every donation to our Foundation goes directly to important service work happening around the world.

We fund projects that:

  • are action-oriented
  • are part of a community-led initiative
  • are designed by our longtime service partners
  • build public involvement and support
  • focus on root causes
  • accomplish specific goals and objectives

Building healthier villages
Accra, Ghana

Building eco compost toilets for use in rural fishing communities is an effort whose benefit to local health is twofold: Beyond helping to improve sanitation, they also generate a high quality fertilizer that enhances crop yields.

Shifting to green technologies in the Cloud Forest
Los Santos, Costa Rica

Transitioning small coffee farms from conventional to organic production leads to mitigation of local health issues, protection of the environment and long-term economic benefits to growers and their communities.

Empowering island communities
Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Securing a fresh water supply for all 27 villages in this region is a goal achievable only through sustainable development and local education. Projects vary from building water catchment systems to introducing drought-resistant crops and implementing local water management committees.

Alternative food production for sustainable development
Las Canas, Dominican Republic

In a community where residents spend 90% of their income on food, aquaponic food production systems provide a means for producing large amounts of organic food, at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of traditional farming.

Partnerships pave the path to sustainable development

Why do we work in a partnership model to deliver community service? At GLA, we believe that our role as supporters and volunteers is to help carry out the community’s visions, not impose our own. When we partner with local leadership, we align with scalable, sustainable solutions to address development challenges at the community level, in a way that makes the most sense for its permanent residents.

As local leaders who live and work in the community, our partners are able to conduct community assessments, prioritize needs, and execute projects on the ground with the public’s involvement and support. GLA believes working with local partners is a fundamental part of sustainable development, effective service and responsible travel, while at the same time bringing our wealth of experience to the table.

GLA International Foundation Board of Directors

Ariel Moritz

Chris Bradford

Daniel Goldberg

Judy Calkins

Cary Moritz

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