What Do Parents Think of GLA?

A collection of reviews and testimonials from parents of GLA alumni students

GLA wouldn't be possible without the amazing families who put their trust in us to provide safe, immersive, and life-changing experiences abroad for their teenagers. We are so thankful for all of our GLA families, and we're thrilled every time we get to read a new reflection, review, or testimonial from our alumni parents!

For any parents who may be considering a GLA program for their teen this spring break or summer, we put together a collection of reviews below to help shed light on the GLA experience from various parents' perpectives.

Thank you to the entire GLA team for all of your dedication and hard work to make this experience truly life changing for all of the kids.  Our son had an amazing time. He's returned a mature, confident and more self-sufficient young man. What a wonderful group of high school students and an amazing staff! 

-Lisa, GLA Alumni Parent

I can't say enough wonderful things about Global Leadership Adventures, the program, staff communication and service was very impressive. They were very informative about all aspects involved to send a child overseas to protect students safety and well being. I had never sent my child out of the country before and was very nervous , concerned and cautious with planning and the details.

GLA staff was wonderful with providing information, documentation and answering questions in a timely manner. As a result my daughters trip was a huge success. She came back a changed girl with a different outlook on gratitude, appreciation and responsibilities. She loved the staff who made her feel at home and built wonderful friendships within the Guatemala country and with GLA students and staff.

If you are considering a trip with GLA I would highly recommend the wonderful learning experience. It is an opportunity for teens to grow, learn and experience the unknown.  

-Denise, GLA Alumni Parent 

My son had an amazing experience with GLA. The support was wonderful, the travel was easy, and the group was a perfect size for getting to know each other in a real way. Nice mix of fun and service. Highly recommend. The flagship program gave them an opportunity to interact with kids and teach in the elementary school, pour a sidewalk at a shelter, and spend time with monks at the temples.

I would recommend booking travel with the suggested travel partner, and GLA posts a roster of people going and where they are coming from. The kids met at the hub airport (New York or LA) and went to Hong Kong and then Chang Mai. Well run program! The group still keeps in touch now and is planning to get together over the holidays.  

-Roxanne, GLA Alumni Parent

Hi! My daughter has gone on 3 absolutely amazing GLA trips! She has had so many beneficial experiences! Each trip she has gone on I have felt so safe with her leaving! The communication and help I received from the GLA staff made such a difference.

I had many questions the first trip she went on and they were always there to answer them! One of the best parts was seeing the blog of what they were up to each day! Coming back she had so many amazing stories to tell! I completely recommend GLA!!!  

-Christiane, GLA Alumni Parent

My daughter Hollie did the 2 week Tanzania trip with GLA in June, 2017. Hollie absolutely loved the entire trip, and was so inspired by it, that her feet have not touched the ground since! Thanks to the meaningful service work that GLA did on her trip (refurbish the classrooms), Hollie even took her service a step further when she returned home, by creating a fundraiser for the kids school, to further refurbish.

Her fundraiser has gone very well so far, and she even has future plans to return back ASAP. Also, Hollie made several amazing friends on her trip, three of which happen to be from the same state as us, so they have gotten together multiple times, as well as two who live in the town where she will be attending college, and ones who stay in touch over the phone.

GLA sparked a passion in Hollie that I know will be lifelong. If your child is thinking about going on a GLA trip, stop thinking and just GO. They will come home with so much more appreciation of the life they live in the USA. 

-Joe, GLA Alumni Parent

My favorite thing about the GLA experience was the staffs ability to keep me engaged with and aware of my daughters activities. It is very hard to let your child go on such a far trip, but I always felt she was safe. She did get sick while in Guatemala, and I had many lengthy calls with her mentor. They handled the situation perfect. Her overall experience was amazing- I have decided to send her on another GLA trip this summer! 

-Laurie, GLA Alumni Parent

Leading up to my daughter's departure, GLA was extremely supportive and helpful. I loved that you could book your own flights (as opposed to being forced to go to JFK or Ontario first) because I'm in a mileage program. Even then, they helped me book the flight that worked the best.

During the trip, I waited each and every day to look at the program blog. It was so wonderful seeing my daughter step out of her comfort zone with a smile on her face. Right when she came back home she immediately told me about the millions of plans she had to return to South Africa or go on another GLA trip. I'm happy to say I'm planning to let her go on one again. 

-Florentina, GLA Alumni Parent

This past summer, my twins went to Costa Rica with Global Leadership Adventures on the Beachside Service Adventure and they had the times of their lives. The GLA staff was very supportive from before they even enrolled to after they returned home and they did a wonderful job of ensuring my kids' safety and the quality of their experience.

While in country they participated in exciting adventure and cultural experiences and performed meaningful service alongside the locals. They also built strong relationships with the other kids on the trip and made new discoveries about our world. I am so happy I was able to send them abroad!  

-Suzy, GLA Alumni Parent

My 16 year old daughter went on the 14 day animal rescue program last summer. I was hesitant at first since she had never traveled alone. We then found out one of her teammates had done a trip the summer before and she and her mother spoke highly of the experience. I gave in. She had the most amazing experience. Everything from the service work, the cultural learning, and of course the friendships.

The staff were attentive to the students and she expressed that she always felt safe. She is a vegetarian and had no problem eating on the trip. The blog posts that were supposed to be 2-3 times a week, were almost daily which was very helpful for a nervous parent.

To be able to read and see pictures of what they were doing, how much fun they were having, and how happy everyone seemed eased my concerns. She would have stayed longer if she could have and is already signed up for the upcoming summer for trips to the Galapagos and Thailand.  

-Lisa, GLA Alumni Parent

My daughter has taken 2 trips so far and is going on 2 more. I am so happy that we found GLA. I had search many different trips and this met our needs. It has proven itself to be everything I expected. She has been safe and grown as a global citizen. I could not ask for more. 

-Jodi, GLA Alumni Parent

I found GLA on FB about a year ago while looking for service trips abroad for high school students. My daughter, now a high school senior traveled to Fiji this past summer for an incredible three week experience.

This trip, in particular, has a little bit of everything for a well rounded experience including working with children, marine conservation, building and a lot of time to soak up the natural surroundings in nature, not to mention the friendships across the globe that she will have forever. This was a wonderful outlet for my big hearted, passionate, caring, adventurous daughter who is taking what she learned in Fiji with GLA and finding ways to apply it in her community at home.

The GLA staff was so knowledgeable, helpful, patient and reassuring with me as I got comfortable with the idea of sending my daughter half way around the world. This summer she will pick another trip and her sister too! It’s a perfect short trip from the nest and opens up their world in so many ways. I see another trip ahead for her this summer and for her sister too! 

-Romy, GLA Alumni Parent

My daughter went on the Costa Rica beach side service adventure trip. Initially, my wife and I were really worried sending her to a foreign country alone. I can honestly say I was very pleased with the way GLA handled everything. 

I needed to get in contact with her on the trip and they quickly got her to a phone. I felt very confident in the GLA staff and program. I am so excited for her to be going on her next trip this Spring to the Dominican Republic. Thank you GLA!! 

-Albert, GLA Alumni Parent

My daughter participated in Global Leadership Adventure's Ghana: Children of Africa 21-day program the summer before her senior year in high school and it was absolutely one of the best decisions we have made. We were so proud of her decision to step outside her comfort zone and travel to such an unfamiliar place and we could not have been more pleased with the professionalism, communication and support provided to us through Global Leadership Adventures.

What amazed me the most upon her return was the deep connections she had made with the Ghanian children, host family, local mentors and GLA trip leaders – these people shaped her character and personal development in ways that I will be forever grateful. She gained insight into her personal strengths, leadership style and her ability to make a difference in someone’s life and I have no doubt that she will continue to use these gifts in her college years and beyond.

In fact, she is already signed up for another GLA trip – this summer she will participate in the Peru: Foundations of Global Health 21-day program before heading off to college and she can’t wait! 

-Bethany, GLA Alumni Parent

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