Lodging That's Out of the Ordinary

Whether you’re traveling near or far, your GLA Home Base is sure to be anything but ordinary

From ecolodges tucked away in the lush Caribbean jungle to rustic Thai villas neighboring an elephant sanctuary, it’s safe to say our home bases set us apart from the rest. Whether you’re traveling near or far, you’re sure to have an experience unlike anything else on your GLA program.

Some examples of our different Home Base styles include hotel blocks reserved exclusively by GLA, traditional bungalows featuring open-air construction, and remote ecolodges. Ecolodges emphasize elements such as environmental responsibility while bungalows are often close to nature and constructed from materials of the local surroundings. Enclosed compounds, another Home Base model, are a cluster of several buildings in a gated enclosure. While all of our Home Bases are unique in their own way, some are truly impressive one-of-a-kind lodging experiences.

Can you imagine spending a night in a medieval castle? That’s exactly what you’ll get to do on our Spain: Spanish Service in Action™ program. Home Base is located in a castle in the historical city of Toledo, with sweeping views of the city below. Named a national monument in 1874, El Albergue San Servando once served as a monastery that was occupied by monks and knights. Join us on our Spain program and you’ll travel back in time to the 16th century while living in this stunning castle.

Castles not your style? Travel with us to South Africa on on our Global Health Initiative™ program, and you’ll get to experience true countryside living in a converted farmhouse. Nestled in a remote community, wake up every day to amazing scenic views of the Drakensberg mountain range and lush, green landscapes. Unlike other programs, this Home Base is located in the same community where you’ll do your service project - so everything is just a short walk away.