Summer 2019

GLA Early Enrollment

Students who enroll during our Early Decision Period are eligible for some BIG benefits!

Are you committed to making a difference abroad next summer? If your answer is yes, then we invite you to enroll on a GLA program during our Early Decision period! New students who enroll on a life-changing experience in Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America with GLA right now are eligible for some big benefits, including:

We'll waive your $95 application fee if you enroll over the phone. Call one of our Enrollment Specialists at +1-858-771-0645, and simply ask to enroll Early Decision over the phone for the app fee waiver. The best part? We can make completing the application quick and easy!

You are guaranteed a spot on any session of any program. There are no waitlists for students who enroll during our Early Decision period. No matter which destination you want and when you want to travel, your space on your first-choice program is confirmed.

Enroll on a 2019 program at the 2018 tuition rate. Tuition on programs goes up at the end of our Early Decision period, so by enrolling now, you can lock in last year's tuition rate and save substantially.

Be rewarded with a Commitment Grant if you pay in full. Families that pay their student's tuition in-full by October 31, and commit to attending a Summer 2019 program, can redeem a grant to save on tuition. Simply pay the full amount of your tuition by 10/31, minus the grant amount listed below, by entering the following code on the enrollment page of the GLA website, or over the phone:

  • COMMITMENT300 to save $300 on tuition for 21-day programs
  • COMMITMENT200 to save $200 on tuition for 14-day programs
  • COMMITMENT100 to save $100 on tuition for 10-day programs

Our Early Decision period ends on October 31, but you can beat the application rush by enrolling now! Begin by exploring our programs around the world, or start your application directly!

We're thrilled to extend these Early Decision enrollment benefits* to our future GLA students for summer 2019. Come 'be the change you wish to see in the world' with us!

*Terms & Conditions: All Early Decision enrollment benefits expire on October 31, 2018. These benefits cannot be combined with other offers. Your $400 deposit and $95 non-refundable application fee must be paid in-full to be eligible for these benefits, though the app fee is exempted for those redeeming the waiver. Application fee waivers can only be applied to your account by an Enrollment Specialist over the phone, and must be asked for directly. Commitment Grants are available only to students who are committing to travel with GLA in Summer 2019. These grants will be applicable once payment has been made in-full, minus the grant amount available for your program upon entering the grant code on the website enrollment page or over the phone. Commitment Grant recipients also agree to waive their eligibility for a refund after payment is complete. If you are not redeeming a Commitment Grant, you can learn more about our general refund policy here.