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GLA Celebrates #GivingTuesday

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It’s been a few days since Black Friday, one of the biggest consumer shopping days of the year. And while people are thinking generously about giving gifts to family and friends for the holidays, we also want to help our changemakers in their quest to show love to the rest of humanity.

This #GivingTuesday, GLA is proud to feature some of our alumni and partners who have forged ways to give to our global communities all year.

Tong Len Scholarship Fund (India)

"Schooling is expensive, but education is priceless,” says the group of GLA students who started this scholarship fund. After attending India: Service in the Himalayas (now India: Service Through the Lens™), they started a scholarship to raise funds for Kunal, a local child from the slums, to attend school for a full 12 years. Having already raised over $8,000, the hope for the fund is to enable Kunal and other children to leave the slums, breaking cycles of poverty.

Support the Tong Len Scholarship Fund

Filters for Families (Dominican Republic)

Filters for Families was founded by Sarah Stubbs, an alum of the Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™ program. Today, the organization has distributed over 500 locally produced ceramic filters to Haitian and Dominican families, combating widespread issues in health, poverty and education that all arise from drinking tainted water. Sarah reports that to date, Filters for Families has raised well over $8,000 for community health initiatives and continues to partner with local families and NGOs on the ground to operate sustainably.

Support Filters for Families

Project GIRL (Ghana)

Project GIRL was founded by Kelsey Glancy, an alum of the Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™ program. Now in its third year, Project GIRL collects donated feminine products to ship to schools in the Volta Region of Ghana. Access to feminine hygiene products is a much-needed practical solution for keeping local girls in school full-time.

Support Project GIRL

Albert and Maria Fund (Belize)

The Albert and Maria Fund was founded by GLA alum Anya Satyawadi after her experience on the Belize: The Initiative for Children™ program. As an effort to address the education dropoff in Belize, Anya’s organization plans to fund two local children, one boy and one girl, through the completion of high school. All money raised will cover tuition and books at St. Matthew’s School.

Support the Albert and Maria Fund

Escuela Mixta Urbana Library Fund (Guatemala)

Brooke Burgess, an alum of Guatemala: Children of the Maya™, started the Library Fund for Escuela Mixta Urbana y Rural Pacaja, a local school in Quezelatango, Guatemala. Witnessing the passion of the local staff and children for early learning, Brooke was inspired to raise funds to build a library, an addition that will elevate education in this developing community.

Support the Guatemala Library Fund

Radiate Market (Dominican Republic)

Founder of Radiate Market Alyssa Rose, an alum of Dominican Republic: Beachside Service Adventure, credits her extended time in the DR for helping her form the idea for this online marketplace. The artisan industry is the second largest industry in the developing world, and by connecting artists to socially-minded consumers, Alyssa hopes to help them achieve a position of financial security.

Support Radiate Market

Robo Ghana (Ghana)

Robo Ghana was founded by GLA alum Kenneth Wah after he was inspired by his experience on the Ghana: Children of Africa™ program. After departing Ghana that summer, Kenneth returned to the country multiple times, eventually bringing peers from his high school’s competitive robotics team to lead students at Avete-Anloga Basic School in designing, building and programming their own robots. Robo Ghana’s goal is to continue inspiring local students to pursue higher education and STEM careers.

Support Robo Ghana

Dream Big Ghana (Ghana)

Dream Big Ghana was founded by GLA Local Director Dougal Croudace, in partnership with local community leaders. The organization puts practical solutions into effect for health and sanitation issues, bridges education gaps and improves youth sports development in rural Ghana. A major project that GLA students take on each summer with Dream Big Ghana in Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™ is building an eco compost toilet from start to finish, which has benefited the health of hundreds of local people.

Support Dream Big Ghana

Green Communities (Costa Rica)

A longtime partner of GLA on our Costa Rica: Spanish Service Adventure program, Green Communities provides the tools (labor, materials and financial contribution) necessary for small coffee planters to commit to a 4-year transition from conventional to organic farming. The organization also promotes a number of other “green” technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture: using biodiesel for transporting coffee, cooking on eco-stoves and running recycling programs.

Support Green Communities

Bali Institute of Global Renewal Foundation (Indonesia)

Bali Institute of Global Renewal, a new partner of GLA’s Bali: Global Health Initiative™ program, is a consortium of universities, international organizations, NGOs and thought leaders who recognize indigenous wisdom as a vital learning component to modern-day education and global awareness. The Foundation supports education opportunities for Balinese youth and connects local villagers to its academic and cultural programs.

Support Bali Institute of Global Renewal Foundation

African Leadership Academy (South Africa)

Do you know the story? Global Leadership Adventures was actually born as an extension of this nonprofit, pan-African high school. Both were originally founded by Fred Swaniker, a native of Ghana, TED Fellow and educational entrepreneur. This year, the beautiful African Leadership Academy campus will be the location of our new South Africa: Social Entrepreneurship Initiative™ program. The mission of this sister organization to GLA is to develop students from across Africa into entrepreneurial leaders, regardless of their family background and hardships they may have already overcome.

Support African Leadership Academy

Global Leadership Adventures International Foundation

Last but not least, our own foundation is new to this list. Global Leadership Adventures created the GLA International Foundation to be a year-round channel for direct action to support the grassroots service projects that our students become passionately involved in each spring break and summer. Because GLA covers all overhead costs, 100% of every donation to our Foundation goes directly to important service work happening around the world.

Learn more about GLA International Foundation

Giving beyond #GivingTuesday

Next year, volunteer abroad with us and become part of the grassroots projects that are powering change in communities all over the world.

These featured projects are just a few examples of the impact service-learning can have on us, and on the communities we visit. You’ll learn that as much giving as we can do abroad, we always receive just as much: Travel like this has a way of leaving lasting impressions, and opening doors to do and see more.