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Why does the GLA International Foundation exist?

  • For shifting the conversation from awareness to action.
    Beyond simply bringing awareness to global issues through our service-learning programs, encouraging action to tackle them is one of GLA's most important reasons for being.

  • GLA alumni return from their trips wanting to be able to funnel donations to the communities they lived and worked with abroad, but not knowing the best way to do so.
    The Foundation exists as a direct and secure pipeline for transferring these funds to the right partner and community.

  • How do you ensure that donations get to the right cause and community?
    The GLA International Foundation is managed by a small team of program managers who are directly in touch with the individual community leaders we work with abroad, on a person-to-person level. Students and the public can visit the Foundation website and select the specific project to which they want to donate, and the Foundation staff will ensure that donations get to the right person. All overhead charges are covered by GLA, so that 100% of donations to the Foundation benefit communities in need.
  • What do you mean by "All overhead charges are covered by GLA? Aren't GLA and the GLA Foundation the same thing?"
    Not exactly. GLA (Global Leadership Adventures) is a for-profit organization. (Albeit a B Corporation -- a for-profit company that measures its success by its social impact, and is rigorously audited by a third-party organization to do so! GLA operates with a Board of Directors and is held to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency each year to maintain its B Corporation business status.)

    GLA International Foundation, on the other hand, is our non-profit arm. Having this non-profit arm allows us to funnel 100% of donations, both from the public and our own internal contributions, directly to our partners, while covering administrative and operating costs with the profits of our business. 

How do I make a donation?

  • Students, families and the public can select a specific project to donate to.

    Visit the Foundation website and select the specific project to which you want to donate (i.e. the project you worked on during your service-learning program), and the Foundation staff will ensure that donations get to the right person at that community. All overhead charges are covered by GLA, so that 100% of your donation to the Foundation benefits the community in need.

  • Why are only a few projects listed online so far?

    We are working to get the remaining projects listed for all programs! You can donate to the general Foundation fund in the meantime, with a comment indicating the project you'd like to benefit.

What kind of projects does the Foundation support?

Projects that GLA students work on—and that the Foundation thus supports—are vetted by our program managers for their sustainability and community involvement.

The foundation funds projects that:

  • are action-oriented
  • are part of a community-led initiative
  • are designed by our longtime service partners
  • build public involvement and support
  • focus on root causes
  • accomplish specific goals and objectives