Fundraising Ideas - Spring

A collection of ideas and resources to help you raise funds towards your GLA program

Welcome to the GLA Fundraising Page!  

This page is a collection of ideas and resources to help you raise funds towards your GLA program. Check it out and get inspired.

Meet our Featured Fundraiser: Olivia Nash

Olivia Nash was able to cover the full cost of her GLA experience through fundraising activities!  She raised enough money to pay for the entire tuition of her GLA Children of the Maya program, roughly $3500.  On top of that, she asked her family to members donate airline miles and used those miles to purchase her flights!

Olivia enrolled in the GLA Guatemala program in January and began her fundraising efforts right away.  Among other activities, Olivia participated in her neighborhood’s community yard sale day, a day set aside for everyone to hold a garage sale.  In addition to her own belongings, Olivia asked friends and neighbors if they had any items they would be willing to donate to her sale; many of them did.  Olivia spread the word by posting on Craigslist and, the day of the sale, she put signs at the end of her street to direct people to her yard.  With the help of her best friend and her grandmother, a “yard sale master,” Olivia was able to set up an attractive display and put out a tip jar for additional donations.  The yard sale raised $420!

Although the yard sale brought in a lot of money, the most successful fundraiser that Olivia did was a letter writing campaign.  She typed out a full page letter asking for donations and discussing her love of volunteering.  She included information about volunteer work she had done in the US and the work she would be doing in Guatemala.  With each letter, Olivia included pictures of her past volunteer projects with handwritten notes on the back.  After sending over 100 letters to friends and family all over the country, Olivia was shocked to see the amount of support that she received.  The donations that came in because of her letters totaled over half of the tuition!  Olivia recommends that students interested in raising money send donation requests and make sure to include the start date of their GLA program and to encourage quick donations.  “Don’t lose hope or think you can’t fundraise in time,” she says, there are a lot of different ways to earn money towards a GLA program.

Need some inspiration?

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The sooner you start fundraising, the better!  Here are some fundraising ideas that are perfect for the Winter.

Spring Fundraising Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt- Find a space: public park, your neighborhood, or even your backyard if it’s big enough.  Hide real or plastic Easter Eggs.  Sell tickets ahead of time so you know how many hunters you will have and can be sure to hide enough eggs.  You can fill the plastic eggs with candy or prizes, or offer prizes based on the number of eggs found.

Helping Hands- This can be easier and way more fun if you have friends or siblings willing to help you.  Spring seems to be a time when people have a lot of chores to do, from cleaning the house, to planting flowers, to washing their car.  Make a list of services that you are comfortable providing, child care, pet walking, cleaning, etc.  Post flyers and send emails explaining that you are willing to be helping hands for any of the listed services and that people can book your help by the hour.  Have a set per hour fee that you are asking or allow those who “hire” you to make a donation in the amount they think is appropriate.  You can make yourself available for an entire Saturday, or spread the time slots out over a few weeks.  If you advertise via email, you could always use a SignUpGenius or google calendar, to list times that you are available and allow people to “book” you right online. 

Yard Game Tournament- Now that the weather is getting nicer, get outside and enjoy it!  Pick a day and time and  the yard game of your choice; corn hole, bocce ball, ladder golf, etc.  Have teams sign up and pay an entry fee. Set up the brackets so everyone knows who and when they are playing.   Have prizes donated for the winner, or award the winner a percentage of the total funds brought in.  It can also be nice to have a secret booby prize for the team that does the worst.

Duck Race- Buy a bunch of mini rubber duckies and number them.  “Sell” the rubber ducks to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone willing to buy.  When they buy a duck, you give them the number of the duck that is theirs.  Then on a particular day, throw all the ducks into your swimming pool.  Let them float for a bit and use a pool skimmer to make sure they move around.  Then use the skimmer to select the winning duck(s).  You can either have prizes donated and announce each prize before you pick a duck, or you can give away a percentage of the total funds you collected.  Make sure you record a video as you pick the winners, so everyone knows it’s authentic.  You can post the videos on social media, so everyone can see the number(s) of the winning duck(s).   To make it more fun, invite everyone over for a party and allow them to drop their own duck in the pool and watch as the winners are selected.  If you don’t have a pool, you can always use a kiddie pool or think of another way to mix the ducks around.

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