French Immersion in the Pearl of the Caribbean

The benefits of learning French in Guadeloupe on our French Caribbean Adventure program

A True French-Caribbean Experience

Guadeloupe is not just an island with French influence, it is actually part of France! How cool is that? Even though it’s far away from the country we think of when we hear “France,” Guadeloupe is indeed a region of France, and for the island natives, France is very much a part of their identity. Our students witnessed this display of national pride firsthand last summer—they were in Guadeloupe when France won the World Cup! 

Although Guadeloupe is French down to its roots, it is also so very Caribbean, which provides a truly unique opportunity for students on our French immersion program. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds! On the one hand, you get to improve your French language skills through daily classes and immersion with native speakers, but on the other hand, you get to experience the authentic island life of the Caribbean - from stunning landscapes and pristine white-sand beaches to the delicious cuisine, music and activities that are unique to this geographical region. 

Help the Environment While Practicing Your French

Over a third of Guadeloupe's territories are natural reserves, which makes sustainability a main focal point for its inhabitants. Students on his program will have an opportunity to spend some time contributing to environmental service projects alongside locals, all while practicing their French! 

Learn (and Teach) in a Different Type of Classroom

Another unique aspect of this program is that GLA students will not only spend time in their own classes learning and practicing French, but they'll also get to spend time in a classroom teaching English to local school children. 

Extend Your Stay with a Local Family

One of the greatest benefits of our Guadeloupe program is that students on the 21-day program have the option to add a homestay extension to their program. Students who do the homestay are paired with a local family who they will live with for eight days after their program.

During your homestay, you'll live as the locals do: this could mean helping with household chores, learning to cook authentic Guadeloupean cuisine with your host mom or dad, meeting neighbors and extended family, or exploring the local neighborhood with your host brother or sister.

While the homestay extention is still part of our GLA program, it adds such a deeper level of cultural and language immersion that can only be achieved by truly becoming part of a Guadeloupean family. 

I loved being more immersed into Guadeloupe’s culture and understanding how the life of residents are in everyday life. My French verbal skills were also strengthened the most when in the homestay environment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and test your language abilities. The only way you will improve is by being willing to exit your comfort zone and your families are more than happy to help you along. —Beth P., Homestay Alumna

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