Program Highlights

Explore the Serenity and Spirit of Thailand’s People

Barter at street markets, train with Muay Thai boxers, and zip-line through the rainforest canopy

Journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand and find yourself immersed in a culture where spirituality is embedded in daily life! You’ll experience incredible temples, meet monks who will bless you in a special ceremony, and make connections with genuine, local children through your service work at a Thai school.

Discover a Culture Unlike Any Other

In Thailand, there are countless incredible ways to spend your days- whether it is a cultural connection or adventure that you crave! In a country that is known for its colorful night marketplaces, peaceful people, lantern festivals and lush rainforests, students on GLA’s Thailand: Cultural Kaleidoscope™ program have plenty of time to soak in all of the life that this colorful nation has to offer. Teens visit an elephant conservation camp, barter at street markets with local vendors, train with champion Muay Thai boxers, zip-line through the rainforest canopy, and visit the peak of the tallest mountain in Thailand! They also make a tremendous impact through their volunteer work with several non-profit organizations in Chiang Mai, including a school, a home for single mothers, and an orphanage for those with families affected by HIV.

“A Great Day--Packed Full of Adventure!”

See what GLA teen travel abroad student Gillian Gleizer had to say about the cultural connections she made in Thailand:

“I think this trip was amazing-it was everything I expected it to be and so much more! I learned more about myself, how to interact with others who were different than myself, and about the power of connecting with different cultures than I ever thought was possible. The service work we participated in- from practicing English with Thai teenage students to working at a home for single mothers who had nowhere else to go- was so meaningful. I'm so grateful to have gone on this trip. It has truly changed my life for the better, made me so much more appreciative, and opened my eyes to a beautiful and peaceful nation that will live in my heart forever!”