Program Highlights

Experience Barefoot Island in Fiji

Volunteer at local schools and with ocean conservation projects

333 Islands. One Pacific Paradise. Experience Fiji- one of the most remote places on Earth. On GLA's trips abroad for high school students in Fiji, you’ll live on a private island oasis, Barefoot Island, while planting powerful seeds of change in a Fijian community only a short boat ride away.

An Untouched, Private Paradise

Barefoot Island, locally known as Drawaqa, will serve as the Home Base for students traveling on GLA’s Fiji: Empowering Island Communities program. This private tropical paradise is filled with sandy beaches, small peaks, and coconut and palm trees—all for the volunteers’ enjoyment. Imagine stepping outside your bedroom and immediately onto a private beach, where you can relax in a beachside hammock or snorkel in the beautiful coral reef that is located right off the shore. As amazing as this sounds- it gets better. You’ll also have the opportunity to volunteer your time and energy to helping the local community—and go on some amazing adventures in the process!

An Indescribable Experience

You’ll make the most out of your time spent in Fiji. Between volunteering at local schools and with various ocean conservation projects, your mornings will be filled to the brim with opportunities to contribute to the local Fijian community. The friendly faces of those you’re helping will warm your heart and fill your spirit! Afternoons will be reserved for exciting activities. You’ll snorkel with hundreds of wild manta rays, rappel down a cliff overlooking the ocean, hike to hidden waterfalls and mud pools, and kayak around Barefoot Island in order to get a 360-degree view of your island home! GLA’ Fiji: Empowering Island Communities™ is truly an indescribable experience.