Earth Day Adventure Kit

Enroll in an Environment & Community Action program this Earth Day, April 22, and receive a free Adventure Kit!

This Earth Day, April 22, we're including a free GLA Adventure Kit with every enrollment in our Environment & Community Action programs (while supplies last!). We cover the travel essentials so that you can focus on the real gift—the experience of volunteering abroad, becoming a part of ongoing environmental initiatives and learning about modern climate and natural resource issues from passionate experts.

The GLA Adventure Kit includes:

  1. Travel backpack
  2. Fisheye lens for smartphone
  3. Nalgene water bottle
  4. Mini flashlight
  5. Lip balm
  6. Travel sunscreen

*Pictured camera and red luggage tag are not included in the Adventure Kit.

Programs eligible for the Earth Day Adventure Kit:

Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™

Environmental project: Construct safer, more durable homes for vulnerable Dominican families using sustainable materials, shadow a nonprofit organization that tackles both environmental and humanitarian crises

Themes: Environment & society, zero waste, community assessments, food security & sustainability, environment & economy, environment & public health

Humanitarian and environmental crises go hand-in-hand. Communities that are impoverished may be stuck in a cycle that includes poor resource management, natural disasters and lack of education. Understanding how these are linked is important to developing efficient, long-term solutions for all of them. While your learning will focus on environmental conservation and designing sustainable systems, you’ll dedicate your service hours to working on building homes for displaced Dominican families. Learn to construct “bottle buildings,” an innovative method that combines reused plastic bottles with chicken wire and cement to form an insulated and affordable building material. This project simultaneously tackles issues of unemployment, waste, lack of housing and public health.

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Costa Rica: Empowering Rainforest Communities™

Environmental project: Live in a community that is currently experiencing rapid tourism growth, and learn how they are using the attention to push "eco-tourism." Plant gardens, build fencing and help build a recycling center that all work to protect the traditional way of life and the region's precious biodiversity.

Themes: Environment & economy, cloud forests, deforestation, responsible tourism, community engagement

National Geographic named Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula “the most biologically intense place on Earth” due to the diversity and density of species that call this untouched region of Central America home. Isolated from the mainland, you’ll live in a secluded nature wonderland where howler monkeys sing, locals still pan for gold and macaws soar above the canopy. This ecological treasure trove is the perfect setting to learn about sustainable community development and environmental conservation as you volunteer with the rural people living in the village of Rancho Quemado.

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Costa Rica: Protecting the Pacific™

Environmental project: Participate in beach cleanups at Bahia Ballena and work on a reforestation initiative that is raising seedlings for transplantation (to mitigate coastal erosion). Shadow a sustainable surf and tourism company that has recently gone carbon-neutral.

Themes: Oceans, coastal ecology, marine stewardship, responsible beach recreation, responsible tourism, community engagement, deforestation

Often considered the planet’s most sustainable country, Costa Rica is a role model for the international community in environmentalism, and the perfect setting for learning about marine conservation. You’ll be based in Bahia Ballena—which translates to “whale bay”—a small coastal village located next to Marino Ballena National Park, Costa Rica’s first marine national park. With these surroundings, you’ll discover issues critical to local sustainable development, examine the full spectrum of marine conservation and adopt the perspectives of grassroots environmental leaders in ocean stewardship.

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Fiji: Marine Conservation Expedition™

Environmental project: Plant mangroves to mitigate heavy coastal erosion, work on a coral restoration project and deliver educational workshops about resource conservation for Fijian schoolchildren.

Themes: Oceans, coastal ecology, marine stewardship, erosion, preserving sensitive ecological resources, environmental education

Dive into crystal blue water and discover the rich biodiversity of the South Pacific! Assist with marine ecology research and restoration projects while based on Nacula, a hilly volcanic island of Fiji. Blanketed with rugged hills and soft peaks, the island’s interior is laced with well-trodden paths leading to villages and small coves, where you’ll live and breathe traditional Fijian culture and participate in marine-based volunteer service projects. Work actively to support marine conservation while learning more about the effects of climate change on this unique and delicate environment.

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Instructions to Redeem Your Earth Day Adventure Kit

  1. Head to the Enrollment Portal on Earth Day (Sunday, April 22) to submit your application. Applications must be submitted between 7:00AM and 11:59PM PST on April 22 to qualify for an Adventure Kit.
  2. A qualifying application includes the following:
    - Selection of one of the four Environment & Community Action programs as listed on this page
    - Completed account information
    - Completed contact information
    - Paid deposit & application fee, which hold your place on the program.
    - The remaining steps of the application should be completed by April 30.
  3. No need to enter a scholarship code—we'll ship Adventure Kits to all qualifying students who enroll in an Environment & Community Action program on Earth Day (while supplies last!).
  4. Supplies are limited and are likely to run out on Earth Day, so we recommend enrolling as soon as the promotion window opens.

Need help with the enrollment process? Give our Enrollment Specialists a call at +1 858-771-0645. Our office hours on Earth Day are 7:00AM-4:00PM PST. You can also Live Chat a staff member until 11PM PST (desktop and laptop computers only.

Why volunteer in environmental sustainability with GLA?

Unfortunately, most everything that we as humans do—from what we eat, to how we move around, to how we take our leisure—compromises the future of the planet and its inhabitants in some way. Why? Quite simply, it's because resources are finite and everything we do has an impact. Since there are so many of us on this planet, that impact adds up. The good news? More and more innovative ways are being developed to help us live with less, source our materials from more sustainable sources and prioritize the big picture—making sure that the Earth's natural beauty and its resources are around for generations to come. To succeed, we need more engaged citizens and creative, compassionate thinkers!

On all of GLA's Environment & Community Action programs, students get to shadow experts in the sustainability field, be part of ongoing environmental initiatives, watch eye-opening documentaries and have deep discussions about what environmental conservation entails. GLA itself is a B Corporation that strictly manages our own environmental impact, and we want to encourage more students to act on this critical issue!