Earth Day Challenge

This weekend, participate in our Earth Day Challenge, answering a question about how you commit to a healthy, enjoyable Earth. Win a GLA Adventure Kit!

The Earth Day Challenge is GLA's way of providing YOU, our 2018 student cohort, with the chance to showcase what you are doing to help keep our Earth healthy and enjoyable for future generations. Many good ideas, such as eliminating single-use plastic in favor of reusable bottles, cups and straws for beverages, or taking cloth bags to the grocery store, are becoming more and more widespread, and this is great news for everyone! But what the world needs now is environmental innovation, and this Earth Day weekend contest is designed to celebrate awesome, out-of-the-box ideas!

How to Enter

What: We're asking you to post a photo, video or artwork on Instagram with a caption that answers the question:

"If the whole world were listening, what is one pro-environmental action (that you yourself take) that you would tell people to make in their lives?"


  • You must use the Instagram platform for your submission
  • All submissions must tag @glateens and include the hashtag "#GLAEarthDayChallenge" in the caption (so we can find submissions easily!)

Who: You, our students who traveled with GLA in Spring Break 2018, or are preparing for your Summer 2018 trip!

When: Earth Day weekend, Friday April 20 through Sunday April 22

Why: GLA is a B Corporation, meaning we are committed to upholding rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. And the thousands of students who have passed through our programs over the years have proven they are similarly passionate about making choices to be the change we seek in the world.

We want to use this contest to recognize the actions YOU are taking to help drive permanent change in the way humans relate to their natural environment. As we all know from turning on the news these days, the world is changing, and a lot of this change is for the worse. It’s up to all of us to think about and reflect upon the choices and actions we each take on a daily basis in order to keep a healthy home, and rise to the task at hand!

The Winner

The Earth Day Challenge winner gets a GLA Adventure Kit to bring on their upcoming trip. The GLA Adventure Kit includes:

  • Travel backpack
  • Fisheye lens for smartphone
  • Nalgene water bottle
  • Mini flashlight
  • Lip balm
  • Travel sunscreen

Pictured camera and red luggage tag are not included in the GLA Adventure Kit.

Happy innovating! If you have any questions, shoot us a direct message on our Instagram, or email We can't wait to see your ideas!