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Popular program destinations are filling. Which programs are waitlisted, and which are still accepting applications?

Some of our popular sessions already have long waitlists, but lucky for you, the ones that are still accepting applications boast some incredible itineraries.

Waitlisted programs:

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Waitlisted! Bali: Land of Discovery™

Fiji: Empowering Island Communities™

In a Bali-Fiji showdown, we’d have to call it a dead draw. Both have gorgeous beaches, charming people and a distinct island culture, so don’t be devastated that you have to pick one paradise over another. In Fiji, you’ll be based on the super-remote Yasawa Islands. With fewer tourists, a tight-knit village community, and a truly impactful community service project, Fiji might end up becoming your #1.

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India: Service Through the Lens™

If it’s vibrant culture and the spiritual energy of the East that you’re after, India definitely won’t disappoint. With bhangra, rickshaws, artistic heritage and the Taj, India is full of charm and beauty. You won’t be beachside, but you’ll live at the foot of the Himalayas. Home to some 40 million people, this is not only snow-capped peaks and alpine wilderness, but also a vibrant mosaic of diverse people, cultures and communities.

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Waitlisted! Bali: Global Health Initiative™

Dominican Republic: Global Health Initiative™

Luckily, one of our most transformative programs (and the one that has inspired the most returners), is still accepting applications. You’ll not only learn about how healthcare is administered in a developing country, but also help physically construct a new clinic and build safer homes for families, replacing their original tin and cardboard shacks. This one is filling quickly too, so don’t wait around to nab your spot.

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Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™

Looking to travel further from home? Our Ghana program also focuses on healthcare in developing countries and features a high-impact, hands-on service project with immediate and lasting benefits for the local people. Of course, Ghana couldn’t be more different from Bali, but you might be surprised to learn that Home Base is also on a beautiful beachfront. Like the Dominican Republic program, this one is also known for its warm-hearted staff and super-passionate alumni.

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Waitlisted! Belize: The Initiative for Children™

Guatemala: Children of the Maya™

Children everywhere need the inspiration and leadership of young adults, and even better for you if it’s in the beautiful, unique town of Xela. The school here needs teaching support, and you’ll spend lots of time leading a full classroom or entertaining a packed recess. No beach time, but Guatemala boasts more diverse landscapes and cultural mysteries—the Maya ruins, Lake Atitlán and Chichicastenango, the largest craft market in the hemisphere.

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Tanzania: Heart & Soul of Africa™

Tanzania is another beautiful country where challenges still unfortunately bar children from receiving a quality education—changemakers like you are needed! As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to address this by teaching English and refurbishing school facilities. Your work will be rewarded by bright, smiling faces, the warm welcome of a tight-knit community and an unforgettable safari in Tarangire National Park.

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Waitlisted! Thailand: Elephant Village Initiative™

Thailand: Elephant Conservation Project™

Not sure what the difference is between these two elephant programs? For one thing, the Elephant Conservation Project is longer (21 days), so you get more time to bond with the animals and learn about complex issues around their captivity and conservation. This program is also exclusively based at one of the world’s only elephant specialty hospitals, a place where world-renowned specialists work on fascinating cases (like elephant prosthetics).

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Thailand: Cultural Kaleidoscope™

While there’s less elephant interaction in this program, there’s more diverse cultural immersion and service work—a little bit of everything! In addition to visiting a Thai elephant home, you’ll work at a school helping with English instruction, visit the Northern hill tribes, and experience cultural specialties like Muay Thai boxing, traditional Thai massage and more varieties of outdoor adventure.

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Waitlisted! Costa Rica: Animal Rescue Project™

Costa Rica: The Sea Turtle Initiative™

So, you love animals! One of the animals that needs the most help from passionate stewards like you is the sea turtle. Six of the world's seven sea turtle species are classified as ranging from vulnerable to critically endangered, meaning they have a large chance of becoming extinct in the near future. On this trip you’ll go on night patrols of nesting sites, making you directly involved with conservation efforts. Craving other animal interaction as well? You’ll also visit a sloth sanctuary and spot monkeys and exotic birds.

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Galapagos: Preserving Nature’s Wonders™

For an animal lover, exploring one of the places that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution should be at the top of your bucket list. These remote islands are one of the world's foremost destinations to view wildlife, as the animals here are known to pay humans no mind. This means we get to get close to remarkable creatures like the giant tortoise and colorful iguana, and snorkel with sea lions swimming in circles around us.

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Waitlisted! Spain: Spanish Service Adventure (14-day)

Costa Rica: Spanish Service Adventure

Whether you choose our 14 or 21-day option, you'll wish you could stay even longer in Costa Rica by the time your program ends. Based in a striking cloud forest, Costa Rica: Spanish Service Adventure tasks you with protecting one of the most biodiverse places on earth, all while learning to speak Spanish like a local. Since your objective is to learn or improve your Spanish, spending time among native speakers is bound to do you good. You'll also zipline through the forest canopy, go whitewater rafting and journey to the world-famous Costa Rican coast to enjoy the beach.

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Peru: Spanish Service Adventure

Another great Flagship program focused on Spanish language immersion, Peru: Spanish Service Adventure takes place in the Sacred Valley, a region of chiseled peaks and rich history. A hardy people, Peruvians are proud of their ancient culture, which is still evident in their city plazas, markets, traditional weavings and festivals. You’ll get three weeks of language immersion, plus the chance to trek to Machu Picchu, as well as raft and bike in the Andes.

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