Does GLA Have a Summer Science Program?

Yes! Science is a big element on several GLA experiences.

While "science" isn't one of our many official program types, it is a core element of many of our programs. Science is central in particular to GLA's Fuel Your Passion programs in Animal & Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Conservation, and Medicine & Public Health. So if you're looking for unique summer science programs for high school students, and you'd like to explore your interest in the sciences out in the field instead of back in the classroom, going overseas might be your best bet!

Below, we'll cover how each of these three program types highlights science for aspiring scientists and those who just want to improve their understanding of science in real life.

Science in GLA Animal & Wildlife Conservation Programs

On our Galapagos: Preserving Nature's Wonders™ program, you will be in a “living classroom.” Learn about the challenges of balancing human society with the need to protect habitats and preserve genetic diversity.

On our Thailand: The Elephant Village Initiative™ program, you will learn all about elephants in this region, including their native biology and social behaviors. You'll also get to see what it's like to raise and rehabilitate animals of this size.

On our Costa Rica: Animal Rescue Project™ program, you'll take advantage of Costa Rica's incredible biodiversity and become immersed in the local environment. With the country's rich ecosystem as your classroom, trek into the jungle for sightings of animals you've only ever read about, and learn how science plays a role in the conservation of flora and fauna in the region.

Science in GLA Environmental Conservation Programs

On our Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™ program, evaluate the role of natural resources in society and in your personal life, and determine the purpose they play in the future of our planet.

On our Costa Rica: Empowering Rainforest Communities™ program, you'll visit a region of the world named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and explore how native plants help to develop one-of-a-kind habitats.

On our Costa Rica: Protecting the Pacific™ program, discover how contaminants generated by tourists make their way into the sea, threatening Whale Bay and its native wildlife.

Science in GLA Medicine & Public Health Programs

On our Dominican Republic: Global Health Initiative™ program, you'll see the full spectrum of health care in this region of the world. Work on building projects that will help to prevent the spread of disease and contribute to the development of healthier living conditions for rural families.

On our Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™ program, get firsthand exposure to both modern and traditional medicine in western Africa. Your service project is based on studies that show reduced health risks from utilizing proper hygiene and waste systems, and you'll also see how composting affects farm yields in the region.