Program Highlights

Confront History on Africa’s West Coast

Visit a Ghanaian slave fort, locally known as “The Gate of No Return"

In the beautiful and peaceful country of Ghana, there lies a wicked and cruel history. It was here that millions of men and women were captured and transported to the Americas to be sold into slavery. Visit a Ghanaian slave fort, locally known as “The Gate of No Return,” where thousands of slaves were held in dungeons, awaiting their trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Many African Americans can trace their ancestry back to Ghana, which makes the experience of visiting the fort even more powerful. History class will never be the same after this.

Sacred Ground

Not many teenagers can say that they’ve experienced an African slave fort- but GLA students on this humanitarian trip for teens in Ghana have this incredible opportunity. Students will travel to the Keta Slave Fort, about 45 minutes away from their home village, and spend a day soaking in the powerful history that exists within the walls of the building. This is an intense experience, but one that makes such an incredible impact on teenagers. Not only will you connect with what you’ve only read about in school, but you’ll also be able to grasp the true realities of a dark chapter in the history of our world. The past will truly come alive, and you’ll have an entire new understanding of the issue of slavery - an experience you’ll never forget.

Cultural Experiences

Although visiting the Keta Slave Fort is one of the most powerful experiences you’ll have while in Ghana, your days abroad will be packed to the brim with exciting and authentic opportunities to soak in the colorful Ghanaian culture! You’ll get the chance to:

  • Cruise down the Volta River and explore the local mangroves
  • Visit hospitals and clinics to get a better understanding of the public health system
  • Participate in a soccer tournament hosted by the local community
  • Visit traditional markets and participate in a cooking class
  • Meet with a traditional shaman and learn about ancient Ghanaian healing practices
  • …And more!