Summer 2017

How to Choose a Program in the Dominican Republic

GLA has been running programs in the Dominican Republic for nearly a decade, and over the years this little island country has truly become a second home for many of our staff and alumni. In fact, the DR plays host to the GLA program that sees the most returning alumni (Yup, you read that right—students love it so much they choose to come two summers in a row!).

Riding along the bumpy roads in the DR, you’ll pass coconut sellers and corner stores blasting merengue, and take in gorgeous vistas: The island has a lush interior and postcard-worthy beaches. Go beyond its famous resorts, and you’ll discover that much of the country is rural. True beauty lies in everyday village scenes where local hospitality and authentic Dominican spirit can be appreciated.

What do you want to do in the Dominican Republic?

Service Grants Available

We’re currently awarding Service Grants worth up to $400 toward tuition for select programs in the DR this summer:

    $400 Service Grant - Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World
    To redeem: Enter code 21DR2017 during enrollment.

    $300 Service Grant - Dominican Republic: Sports Service Adventure
    To redeem: Enter code SPORTS2017 during enrollment.

1. Do humanitarian work for children and families

Flagship | Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™
Read program details | Enroll | $400 Service Grant awarded with scholarship code 21DR2017

Of all 30+ of GLA’s program offerings around the world, this is the one that sees the most alumni return each year. This summer, this immersive Flagship program will take place on the South coast, a remote and wildly beautiful region. Because they are more remote, communities here see slow development and are more vulnerable to extreme weather. Still, the local people here are dignified, warm and full of Caribbean spirit—and the children especially excited to welcome visitors.

2. Inspire and help children through sports volunteering

Dominican Republic: Sports Service Adventure
Read program details | Enroll | $300 Service Grant awarded with scholarship code SPORTS2017

Sports volunteering abroad can make a huge difference in a young person’s life, especially in countries like the Dominican Republic where access to equipment, instruction and organized team sports is either limited or expensive. Research has shown that engagement in sports helps build life skills that are essential for future success for underprivileged populations, and for some, can even provide a route to higher education. Prepare to work with marginalized youth and help refurbish local facilities. You’ll help build confident leaders and inspire healthy lifestyles in the community.

3. Experience a little bit of everything

Dominican Republic: Beachside Service Adventure
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If you’re short on time this summer, we also offer a 10-day program with plenty of cultural immersion and exposure to diverse volunteer projects. Students stay in a rustic lodge within earshot of the beach, and learn about sustainability and international development through work with an impactful grassroots organization. Adventure rounds out the itinerary with snorkeling, beach time, a visit to a beautiful cenote and the local honey farm.

4. Get your foot in the door of global health

Dominican Republic: Global Health Initiative™ | Only a few spots left!
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A primer for studying medicine or public health, this university-level program is designed to give a progressive experience—you’ll challenge your preconceptions of health with new experiences, and receive guidance from attending medical and public health professionals. Learn about seven of the critical elements that create the spectrum in which healthcare is dramatically affected, and gain field experience in delivering health and medical support to Barahona, a developing community in the Dominican Republic.


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