2019 Service Grants

Empower the World's Children

All 21-day children-themed programs are eligible for a $200 service grant when you enroll by January 31!

Save $200 on tuition when you enroll in a 21-day children-themed program using the code CHILDREN21!

For teens who are passionate about working with children, GLA offers summer service-learning programs focused on children's education, refurbishing schools and classrooms, helping with environmental education efforts and other development projects. This summer, teach—and learn—as you embark on a life-changing experience focused on children's issues. See below for the list of eligible programs! 

Children & Education Programs:

Children & Community Development Programs: 

To Redeem:

Head to the Enrollment Portal and apply for the program of your choice from the list above. Enter the code CHILDREN21 in the scholarship code section of your application, and a $200 grant will be applied to your tuition balance. This scholarship code expires January 31, 2019. 

Bali: Childrens Education in Action™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the “Island of the Gods,” and discover unexpected treasures while scuba diving in the Bali Sea.

Journey to the island of Bali, where you'll influence the youth of an indigenous culture and explore the many wonders of the “Island of the Gods.” Even more than its picturesque scenery, the Balinese people are what make this region truly beautiful. Charming and generous, local residents warmly welcome volunteers who can help fill educational gaps for their children. You’ll volunteer at a local school, teaching English and bonding with the community. In the afternoons and evenings, you might hike to a waterfall, hop on a spider boat to catch the sunset, or gather around a bonfire on the beach.

  • Teach children at local Balinese schools
  • Learn to scuba dive in Bali’s turquoise waters
  • Explore the uplifting spiritual culture through temple visits
  • Have dinner at the Royal Palace with the Prince of Ubud
  • Surf with locals in Southern Bali, a world-class surf destination

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Fiji: Children of the South Pacific™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Powerful seeds of opportunity await your planting in this Pacific paradise.

“Bula!” This is the greeting you’ll hear again and again from native Fijians. Even on the extremely remote Yasawa Islands where many villages are impoverished, you’d have a hard time finding a more warm and welcoming people. Life revolves around the ocean and community—old and young live together, and large gatherings are a constant occurrence. You’ll live and volunteer where there are no roads, cars, banks or shops. Immerse yourself in the simple village life and experience Fiji’s fascinating culture as you work on projects aimed at improving opportunities for children and achieving sustainability for the remote community.

  • Help teach at a children’s summer camp
  • Wake up every day on a remote island surrounded by coconut trees
  • Get your mud on at a natural mud pool
  • Hike to a mountaintop on the Yasawa islands
  • Snorkel along coral reefs teeming with exotic fish

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Ghana: Children of Africa™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Beating drums, children’s laughter and Ghana’s warm greetings welcome you to become family in the heart of West Africa.

Step onto the flat, sandy land of Ghana, and you’ll immediately hear the laughter of children everywhere. This laughter will be the constant of your trip, and a steady source of energy while you volunteer among one of Africa’s most passionate and kind communities. Ghanaians are known for their smiles, vibrancy and welcoming nature—you’ll see bright colors everywhere: in the land, stitched into traditional clothing, and adorning the decor of your Home Base. Your arrival will bring excitement to classrooms as you work to inspire students toward success in school.

  • Tutor children at a village primary school
  • Help build and refurbish school facilities
  • Discuss current social issues facing Ghana’s women and children
  • Hike to a beautiful waterfall
  • Learn traditional African dance, batik fabric dyeing, drums and percussion
  • Explore outdoor markets and visit historic sites

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Peru: Children of the Andes™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Transform children’s lives—teach, mentor, volunteer and learn in the rural Andean communities of Peru.

The city of Cuzco was the capital of the Inca empire, and has held on to ancient traditions despite growth and modernization. Now, families from rural communities migrate here and developing neighborhoods are without basic services, such as schools. Volunteering in Peru on this program is an opportunity to go beyond the tourist mindset and learn the nuances of life in this beautiful, yet remote and challenging area, all while providing critical service to children and schools in the rural community. Gain hands-on experience teaching in a classroom, and after service, take in the Sacred Valley’s magnificence: Andean peaks to orchid-rich cloud forests, wild rivers and a thriving mecca of colorful markets and ancient history.

  • Gain hands-on experience teaching children in a rural classroom
  • Help with construction projects for a new school
  • Visit initiatives and meet grassroots leaders for children’s issues
  • Go on a rafting adventure and admire the Sacred Valley’s famous ruins
  • Trek to Machu Picchu and camp among snow-capped peaks
  • Experience the colorful landscape of Rainbow Mountain

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Tanzania: Children's Education Adventure™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Explore the myth and magic of Tanzania, a country of abundant wildlife, diverse ethnic groups and peaceful history.

At dawn, the rising sun floods Tanzania’s cool grasslands with gold, school children walk along the roadsides and vendors set out their wares. Nature surrounds Tanzania, where the largest of animals mingle with the most minute, and landscapes are colorful and diverse. But more than anything else, it is the Tanzanian people who will make your visit memorable. Whether you’re teaching a class full of laughing, energetic children, embarking on a wild safari guided by locals or chatting with community members, you’ll constantly be greeted with the characteristic warmth and dignity of Tanzanians, and the raw beauty of East Africa.

  • Teach English in local classrooms
  • Volunteer on projects at a village primary school
  • See zebras, lions, rhinos and more on an incredible African safari
  • Hike to a waterfall near Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Spend a day among the Maasai nomadic warrior tribe (21-Day Flagship Program only)
  • Learn African dance, percussion and batik cloth dyeing

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Thailand: In & Beyond the Classroom™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

In a colorful blur of saffron robes, green mountains and golden temples, make a difference in the lives of local youth and ethnic minorities.

Journey to enchanting Thailand, a kingdom rich in culture, arts and tradition. In spite of rapid economic progress in recent years, the northern capital of Chiang Mai manages to preserve the atmosphere of an ancient city and is still known for its beautiful temples and rugged natural landscape. Make unforgettable connections with Thailand’s youth through community service at a rural primary school. Experience the nation’s culture of warmth and reverence through interaction with the hospitable local residents and visits to unique northern temples. Sample fabulous cuisine, shop at bustling markets, and pay a visit to an ethical elephant home in the lush, green mountains surrounding Chiang Mai.

  • Teach English at a primary school and bond with local students
  • Experience Thailand’s vibrant and colorful food, arts and music
  • Zipline through lush, rural hillsides
  • Experience authentic Thai massage
  • Visit with Buddhist monks and learn about their lives
  • Interact with and learn about elephants at a local sanctuary

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Belize: The Initiative for Children™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Improve children's literacy in exotic Belize, surrounded by dense wildlife and adventure from ridge to reef.

Belize is known not only for its abundant biodiversity, but also for bringing together a seamless mix of cultures: Belizean, Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, and Maya. With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize may be small but it's packed with adventure—you’ll be snorkeling on the reef one day and hiking the tropical savanna the next. In contrast to its vast natural resources, the country’s economic and public resources are limited. As a volunteer, help design and run an educational summer camp for local children, creating an effective, nurturing environment for them to continue their education.

  • Lead an educational English camp for Belizean youth
  • Use experiential learning tools to improve children’s literacy
  • Live in a tropical savanna surrounded by biodiversity
  • Experience everything from lush rainforests to the Caribbean coast
  • Enjoy world-class snorkeling over the world’s second-largest barrier reef
  • Learn about animal conservation at the Belize Zoo

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Costa Rica: The Initiative for Children™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Embrace Costa Rica’s children and make an impact on the next generation.

Development issues in rural Costa Rica—from education access to sustainable land use—are all directly related to the wellness and futures of youth. On this program, you’ll be based in small towns far from the developed tourism hotspots of Costa Rica. Bond with the children and families of your neighborhood as you volunteer in their schools, help lead environmental education projects, and spend time working with local grassroots organizations passionate about engaging the community in more sustainable practices. After service, experience Costa Rica’s lush landscapes and its natural playground of outdoor adventure.

  • Volunteer at rural schools and on an environmental education project
  • Discuss critical community issues in the region
  • Bond with local youth and families through your volunteer work
  • Experience Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy on a zipline
  • Go on two overnight excursions, one where you’ll raft down the Tenorio River (21-Day Flagship Program Only)

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

India: The Initiative for Children™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

Make a difference in the lives of Indian youth as you discover authentic India, from the Taj Mahal to the royal city of Jaipur.

Full of diverse people, dramatic landscapes and spiritual energy, the magical land of India awaits you. You'll have the opportunity to teach India's underserved children and volunteer on community development projects. Immerse yourself in cultural activities like Bollywood dance, traditional Indian cooking and yoga sessions. Discover this unique culture as you tour the royal city of Jaipur, go on a camel ride in the desert, and visit incredible temples. Gain invaluable cultural knowledge and insight on this once-in-a-lifetime Indian adventure.

  • Live in the royal city of Jaipur, also known as the "Pink City" for its distinctive color
  • Teach India's children and support infrastructure projects at local schools
  • Take part in Indian cooking and dress workshops, as well as yoga sessions
  • Camp in the desert outskirts after experiencing a unique camel safari
  • Travel to the Taj Mahal, the world's most famous monument to undying love

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

South Africa: Social Change Project™ (21-Day Flagship Program)

One of the great meeting points of the African continent and of the world, South Africa is alive with energy, potential and action for social change.

The Rainbow Nation, as South Africa is nicknamed, exemplifies diversity with the tribal history of its people, the magnificent views as you conquer the peak of Table Mountain, and the contrast between the developed Cape Town and the developing rural Eastern Cape. You'll have the chance to embrace and explore this colorful diversity in two of South Africa's nine provinces, spending the majority of your time in immersive exploration of Cape Town, known as the Mother City. Learn from diverse speakers and witness up-close how movements for social change shaped South African society following decades of Apartheid, and be a part of the change happening to address current social issues.

  • Live in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Experience the complex and multicultural society of South Africa
  • Volunteer on an education project with township youth
  • Visit Cape Town's iconic Table Mountain and Robben Island
  • Experience South Africa's animal kingdom and the earliest known tribe, the “Khoi San”
  • Explore South Africa's world-famous Garden Route

See Program Dates & Itinerary | Enroll with code CHILDREN21 by January 31 to receive a $200 grant.

Terms & Conditions

        • This grant is only available for 21-day flagship programs in our Children & Education and Children & Community Development themes. 
        • This grant cannot be combined with any other special offers, with the exception of need-based scholarships.
        • This grant is only available on enrollments submitted between by January 31, 2019, in the programs listed on this webpage.
        • This grant must be redeemed by following the instructions outlined above, using the scholarship code CHILDREN21. You may also call +1 858-771-0645 for assistance with enrolling in either program and redeeming the grant.
        • In the event that a student chooses to switch his or her program of choice to a session not included in this Flash Grant, the $200 Grant will not transfer over to the new balance.