Don’t just be a leader this summer. Awaken a generation of leaders.

Leave a lasting impact on a developing community by working on service projects in children’s issues and education.

We’re seeking volunteers who are passionate about working with the world’s children for several service projects taking place next summer. Each community has different needs: You might teach English in a village school, read aloud with locals, refurbish classrooms or address numerous other challenges that children face in a developing community.

We are currently offering Service Grants of up to $400 for select programs focused on education and children’s issues.

TO REDEEM: From the list below, choose the community you’d like to work with next summer and redeem your grant when you apply for enrollment.

Dominican Republic: Building a Sustainable World™ (21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - Work hands-on to construct sustainable infrastructure that will benefit all members of the local community long-term, such as classrooms for children to attend school year-round, or reliable housing for young families.

Learning - Through community service and nightly seminars, you’ll delve into an array of topics on sustainable development, environmental conservation, and resource management in order to achieve a deep understanding of the long-lasting effects your efforts have on the local community.

Adventure - Explore the breathtaking  areas of the Dominican Republic that remain nearly untouched by mass tourism, including Jaragua National Park, Jarabacoa, and Bahía de las Águilas. You’ll also get a taste of the upbeat city life in Santo Domingo with its timeless colonial architecture, and unmistakable sounds of Dominican life: merengue and bachata beats.

Peru: Spanish Service Adventure (21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - Learn, or improve upon, your Spanish by immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Cuzco and interacting directly with children and adults within the local community. In addition to strengthening your language skills, you’ll also be lending your time and efforts to various community development projects and/or essential infrastructure improvements that will ease the difficulty of daily life for children and adults in local community.

Learning - In this unique language immersion curriculum, you’ll be placed with peers who are at a similar level of speaking and comprehension in order to maximize your learning potential and your overall experience. The language skills learned in these peer groups will also influence a deeper connection to the local culture and its community members.

Adventure - The diverse natural landscape of Peru creates the perfect playground for outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting and biking. A trek to the epic and world-renowned site of Machu Picchu will also allow you to retrace the footsteps of countless Quechua natives, and experience life as they have for over 500 years.

Thailand: In and Beyond the Classroom™ (14 or 21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE14 to receive a $300 Service Grant for our 14-day program.
Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - Projects in Thailand will include working to improve the home facilities, engaging children in fun activities, as well as teaching English classes and leading a full day of “English camp” at local primary schools. You’ll develop meaningful relationships with the children of the local Thai community by serving not only as their teacher, but also a role model, mentor and friend.

Learning - Experience the wide diversity of Thai culture by exploring elegant Buddhist temples and speak with monks about their lifestyle and spiritual worldview. You’ll also have a chance to gather fresh ingredients at a market for a Thai cooking class, learn the traditional arts of dance and Muay Thai boxing, get an authentic Thai massage and get up close and personal with majestic elephants.

Adventure - With its lush jungles, famous beaches, and amazing food, Thailand is Asia’s primary travel destination—and yet, its cultural integrity remains largely undamaged. You’ll zipline through lush vegetation while learning about the country’s cultural reverence for nature, visit the famous Chiang Mai night bazaar and get up close and personal with elephants at a Thai elephant home.

Tanzania: Children's Education Adventure (14 or 21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE14 to receive a $300 Service Grant for our 14-day program.
Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - Spend extensive time volunteering at a village primary school, where you’ll be surrounded by enthusiastic students, design small-group classroom lessons, and work on improving their school facilities. Your impactful work will be rewarded by the bright, smiling faces of the local children who are eager for your inspiration.

Learning - You’ll hear from guest speakers about Tanzania’s recent history and progress, as well as heavy social issues that linger to this day, challenging communities with health issues, gender inequality, lack of education and other barriers to advancement. Participate in batik dyeing, market visits and traditional music and dance classes, and even pick up a few phrases in Swahili.

Adventure - Experience one of the world’s most spectacular safaris: Tarangire National Park, which naturalists the world over consistently rate as “the greatest wildlife show on Earth.” Witness the wonder of observing zebras, lions, leopards, elephants, wildebeest, rhinos and many other species in their natural habitat. You’ll also spend a day hiking at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa and one of the world’s great mountaineering objectives.

India: Service Through the Lens™ (14 or 21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE14 to receive a $300 Service Grant for our 14-day program.
Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - As you take in Dharamsala’s diverse scenery and faces through photojournalism, you’ll give back to this community that faces challenges around education and quality of life. You’ll spend time at a local daycare center where you will bond with the children as you assist with tutoring and providing after-school activities that otherwise would not exist.

Learning - As the stories from people you meet begin to unfold, you will have the unique chance to capture these stories on film and evaluate how the narratives can be responsibly told through photography and journalism. As you create your body of work, you’ll receive guidance and insights from industry photojournalists and editors who will help you learn how to cull and edit your images, create an organized workflow, be a responsible storyteller and build demand for your work.

Adventure - With home base in Dharamsala—one of the most visually stunning regions on Earth— you’ll get to explore this mountain town, which is the center of the Tibetan exile community in India who followed Dalai Lama to settle here. At the end of both the 14-day and 21-day programs, you’ll travel south to the Taj Mahal for a glimpse of what is widely considered the most beautiful building in the world.

Guatemala: Children of the Maya™ (14 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE14 to receive a $300 Service Grant for our 14-day program.

Service - Spend your days immersed in the local primary school and surrounding community of Xela, volunteering as an English teacher to the Maya children or helping construct a library, classrooms and other school facilities. You’ll also have the opportunity to creatively develop and deliver lesson plans, play with the children during recess, and work with locals on beautifying facilities that are critical to the community needs.

Learning - As you spend time volunteering in rural Guatemala, you will form a deeper understanding of the major themes and pertinent issues unique to this country such as education, children’s issues, and the preservation of indigenous culture. You’ll meet with grassroots leaders to learn directly about the challenges the Maya community faces to preserve their heritage in the face of globalization.

Adventure - With its diverse indigenous culture, rich Mayan heritage, and colonial charm, Guatemala is the adventure of a lifetime for any traveler. Explore its famous archaeological ruins, shop at Chichicastenango—the largest indigenous craft market in the hemisphere, zipline through lush vegetation and spend a weekend at the sacred, volcano-framed Lake Atitlán.

China: Mandarin Service Adventure (21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - Volunteer in kindergarten classrooms serving families who live in the surrounding rural community. You will get to know the children and traditional village customs through interactive English lessons, playing educational games and working on renovation projects to improve school facilities.

Learning - Through local interaction, you’ll learn how contemporary changes manifest in rural China. Participate in fun cooking demos, take dance lessons, visit markets and attend workshops on classic arts like silk flower-making, paper-cutting and Bai tie-dye art. In the 21-Day Flagship Program, our unique Mandarin curriculum combines classroom time and immersion, allowing beginners to quickly learn the basics, and gives advanced speakers the confidence to use their skills with natives.

Adventure - In this beautiful nation packed with opportunities for adventure, you’ll stand under giant Buddha sculptures at the mountaintop Baoxiang Temple, visiting the famous Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and even the Great Wall of China (exclusive to our 21-day Flagship program).

Fiji: Children of the South Pacific™ (21 Days)

Enter code BACK2SERVICE21 to receive a $400 Service Grant for our 21-day program.

Service - As part of your volunteer abroad experience in Fiji, and depending on the needs and available resources at the time you arrive in Fiji, you’ll help with any one of several high-impact projects: delivering a children’s summer education curriculum, reading one-on-one with children, refurbishing rainwater catchment systems, working on agricultural projects or helping with marine data collection.

Learning - Every day in Fiji presents a chance to learn from its unique rustic, community-based culture. You’ll meet with village leaders and community members to discuss critical issues facing their families, watch and listen to ancient stories and legends unfold through traditional song and dance, learn the steps of the steps of the traditional dance Meke, and even learn traditional jewelry-making using coconuts from the island.

Adventure - Aquatic adventures abound in Fiji: glide by boat over crystal blue waters, swim alongside pods of peaceful manta rays, snorkel over coral reefs teeming with colorful fish, and take in the stunning beauty of the corals. Visit a hot natural mud pool and soak in its nourishing powers, and hike to a high outlook point in the island chain where you’ll see the beautiful islands below.

*Terms and Conditions: Service Grants will be awarded only to new applicants who enter the proper code upon enrollment for an eligible Summer 2018 program. Enrollment capacity is limited for each program and Service Grants are available until October 31, 2017 only. Grants may not be combined with other offers, and cannot be exchanged for cash.