4 Reasons to Become a GLA Fellow

For the intellectually curious, motivated student who wants to make the most of their experience this summer, a GLA Fellowship may be just the thing! Why? Read on! 

Reason #1: It looks great on a college application.
Becoming a GLA Fellow won’t guarantee admission to the college of your choice. That said, many GLA students use their experience abroad as part of their college admissions essays--with great success! For many, the service projects and community involvement that participants find on our programs and additional involvement via a Fellowship spark a lifelong interest in volunteering, cultural studies, and travel. Many schools look for altruism, global engagement, and a drive to go above and beyond in their applicants. We’ll also happily provide you with a glowing letter of recommendation to utilize when applying for schools, internships, or jobs in the future.

Reason #2: You’re passionate about {insert passion here}.
Aspiring filmmaker? Working on honing your writing skills? Dreaming of seeing “MD” behind your name one day? Whether you are a creative type or have a deep interest in conservation, public health, or international volunteering, a GLA Fellowship provides an outlet to further explore the topics and mediums that speak to you. 

Reason #3: Because your time abroad may not be enough.
The most common feedback we get from travelers post-program is a variation of “I wish it wasn’t over!” For GLA Fellows, it isn’t: the learning objectives and engagement continue after your program ends. If you’re the type of student who wants to go that extra mile, is self-motivated to take on additional learning assignments before your program, champion skill-building or critical thinking on-program, and complete a creative final project or essay after your program, look no further.

Reason #4: Your trophy shelf could use some swag.
Stairwell of Accomplishments looking sparse? Make your momma proud! Once your have completed the Fellowship, we will award you with a fancy certificate and medal or plaque, perfect for displaying proudly in your home. (Or, burying in the back of a closet. You do you!) More importantly, for motivated students that want to push themselves beyond their limits, completing a Fellowship will bring a strong sense of accomplishment as you get the absolute most out of your GLA experience!

Convinced a Fellowship is for you? Learn more about our Honors and Arts & Letters Fellowship and how to apply here!