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At Global Leadership Adventures, we believe meaningful teen travel can be life-changing. Enroll in a GLA program and travel to Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe. Join the movement with fellow high school students from around the world, and make a difference in a community abroad while experiencing the local culture. Summer and spring sessions are open for enrollment.

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Global Leadership Adventures

Life-changing international journeys for teens


Of GLA Alumni Agree:

“When I look back on my GLA experince,
I consider it to have been life-changing.”

*Based on a survey of alumni 3 years post-program
  • Travel overseas and build your confidence as an experienced traveler
  • Choose from destinations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe
  • Select dates that work best for you during spring break or summer
  • Spend between 8 and 21 days in a community abroad
  • Experience a range of activities, from community service and immersive learning, to exploratory travel and one-of-a-kind adventures and excursions
  • Find a program type that matches your interests, including Public Health & Medicine, Children & Education, Animal & Wildlife Conservation, Language Immersion and many more
  • Make friends with like-minded teens as you share a life-changing experience in another country
  • Tuition is all-inclusive and financial aid is available


  1. Ghana: Building Healthy Villages™
  2. Thailand: Hospital & Health Initiative™
  3. Costa Rica: Soccer Beyond Borders™
  4. Dominican Republic: Caribbean Service Adventure
  5. Peru: Llama & Animal Service Adventure
  6. Spain: Spanish in the Land of Don Quixote™
Our Mission

To inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it.

Why Choose GLA

The GLA Difference

Leadership & Intentional Program Design

We believe that leaders are made and not born, and that leadership is as critical life skill that can be developed. Everyone can be leader who rallies others around a vision or a goal.

5-Point Safety System

Safety is our first priority. Our 5-Point Safety System is a set of rigorous standards that support the safety, health and well-being of students on every program.

Home Base

Home Base is your home away from home. We aim to provide lodging that’s out of the ordinary. On GLA programs, our student groups stay in well-vetted locations with staff on-site.

Full-Service Parent Support

We provide superior service to every family before, during and after the program. This includes our 24-hour helpline providing staff support throughout the program.

Expert Staff

GLA’s international staff are more than chaperones. Students are led by program Directors and Mentors who have in-depth professional experince working with youth.

Local Partners

As local leaders who live and work in the community, our partners are able to conduct community assessments, ptiortize needs, and execute projects on the ground.


Fellowships invite students to step up and learn to be leaders in their field of interest. Students are invited to apply to be a GLA Arts & Letters Fellow or Honors Fellow.

Global Leadership Adventures combines international travel with immersive learning and adventure to give high school students the chance to build real-world leadership skills and have an unforgettable, transformational experience

Choose between two models of GLA programs.

Global Service-Learning

Our classic Service-Learning Programs include community-led service projects and operate primarily in non-tourist communities in Africa, Asia & Latin America. The goal of these programs is to deliver lifelong impact, both for our student participants and our host communities.

Europe Discovery

Our new Europe Discovery Programs feature travel to multiple destinations throughout the length of a program, and are based exclusively in Europe. The objective of these programs is to develop global citizens, while exposing them to unique ideas, histories, experiences and cultures.

Looking to customize a program for your own group of travelers


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Global Leadership Adventures

Have a Life-Changing Experience. Prepare yourself for the richest cross-cultural experience of your life on your upcoming overseas adventure. GLA crafts each program to be immersive and multidimensional. Our student travel programs abroad represent one way to begin a journey of personal and interpersonal transformation as you discover your own leadership style. These volunteer and travel experiences for teens start in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Europe, but as our alumni can attest, the journey doesn’t end when you get home.

Serve a Community. Global Leadership Adventures operates many summer volunteer programs for high school students in welcoming communities overseas. Through community service, teens will develop meaningful relationships with the local community and make a significant impact.

Learn to Lead. GLA believes leaders are made, not born. The GLA experience gives high school students the opportunity to step up in a global context and face real challenges in partnership with the communities they are serving.

Explore New Paths. No summer is complete without adventure. Each country or series of destinations you visit has its own treasures. Imagine exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, ziplining through pristine rainforest canopies in Costa Rica, or going on safari in Tanzania.

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