Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it.


Our Integrity is unspoken. It is the unfailing framework from which we build every program, human relationship, and bridge into a community.


Respect is inherent in all of our interactions among students, staff, and all of the members whose communities we serve. Respect means accepting and celebrating differences. Respect means considering all points of view, always.


Cooperation is key to our accomplishments. We are a traveling community, helping to serve other communities. We work together, learn from one another, and build valuable friendships in the process.


Compassion is what drives our service, and that compassion extends to students, parents, and host communities. Our care for people extends to everything we do.

Personal Growth

We are invested in the Personal Growth and development of all our students and staff. We foster an environment for students to safely explore, experience, and self-discover.


Optimism is at our core. We believe that anything is possible and that every person is capable of driving and adopting positive change in the world.


Innovation is what makes us stand out in international education. Open to new ideas and always striving to work better and smarter to serve our communities, students, and parents.