Sustainability in a Globalized World

Join the next generation of young leaders in Costa Rica to learn about issues related to sustainability in a globalized world. We’ll live on the campus of the prestigious EARTH University and we’ll meet leaders from all levels of society – from the United Nations to grassroots organizations. In addition to the thought provoking discussions and workshops, we’ll also get out and visit local communities and explore some of the natural wonders.

OneFuture excites teenagers to think critically about the issues facing the world and explore their own potential to affect positive change. Students leave the Symposium with a deeper understanding of the issues and are challenged to think about how they will plan their life to be active, engaged global leaders.

OneFuture Latin America: 2013

In 2013 the OneFuture Symposium in Latin America will be held on the campus of the world-renowned EARTH University in Costa Rica from July 28 to August 4, 2013.

The theme of OneFuture Latin America: 2013 is “Sustainability in a Globalized World”. Now that globalization has taken root and we experience the effects of globalization in our everyday lives, we’ll explore the nexus of globalization and sustainability. We’ll not only learn about the challenges caused by globalization, but also see innovative attempts to make globalization become a force for sustainable development.

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What to Expect:

Powerful guest speakers

  • Representative from the United Nations.
  • Dr. José Zaglul, President of EARTH University.
  • Leaders from the Fair Trade movement.
  • Manager of the Whole Foods account at EARTH University.
  • Andrew H. Motiwalla, CEO of Terra Education.
  • Christopher Bradford, Co-Founder of the African Leadership Academy.

Exciting excursions

  • Thought provoking discussions on social entrepreneurship.
  • Harvest coffee at a fair trade coffee farm.
  • Whitewater rafting down a jungle river.
  • Compare a Rainforest Alliance certified farm to a conventional banana farm.
  • Hands-on workshops on sustainability.

Networking with future leaders

  • Visiting scholars from Central America.
  • High school students from around the world.
  • Students from top schools in the United States.
  • Facilitators with real world experience.