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Ghana: Children of Africa™ Flagship
Our 21-day Flagship programs provide the ideal amount of time to satisfy every dimension of the GLA Experience. Although many of the same objectives can be achieved on shorter programs, students and parents report that three weeks is the optimal time to develop lifelong friendships with local people and fellow students, to make a greater impact on the community, to fully immerse themselves in a culture, and to explore different facets of the host country.

Its villages will charm you, its scenery amaze you, and its children welcome you.


  • Volunteer at a village primary school
  • Confront history at a slave fort
  • Absorb social issues facing women and children
  • Hike to the tallest waterfall in West Africa
  • Learn traditional African dance and percussion


Ghana is often called the heart and soul of West Africa because of its welcoming, passionate, and peaceful people. It is a particularly important place, because it is to where many African-Americans can trace their roots.

Besides volunteering to help local children, you will immerse yourself in the vibrant African culture, visit a historic slave fort, and hike through lush tropical forests and large natural reserves home to monkeys and hundreds of species of birds and butterflies.

Community Service

Service is an integral part of this program. You will volunteer in orphanages and schools working with Ghanaian children. Many children do not have access to education, and there is a lack of adequate facilities, books and qualified teachers. You may find yourself teaching a group of kids in a classroom with no electricity or even under a tree with only a chalkboard and your own skills to share. Other service activities include making bricks that will be used in the construction of classrooms or engaging youth in a soccer tournament.

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Hands-On Learning

Through a variety of cultural activities, you will become immersed in this rich African culture. We’ll participate in workshops such as cloth dying, drumming, and Ewe language crash courses. Additionally, we will meet with inspirational grassroots leaders to learn how they are addressing the pressing issues facing Ghanaian women and children today.

You will have the unique opportunity to meet with local tribe members and chiefs to engage in a deep analysis of traditional religion, the social construction of gender, the tribal system of chiefs, as well as the distinctive history of Ghana. Originally one of the hubs of the Atlantic slave trade, Ghana today has become a peaceful, democratic state.

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Experience and learn about life in a fishing village by traveling to a local island via canoe. Start to understand how traditional religion can impact the everyday lives of people in this community. Explore outdoor markets with unique fruits and vegetables, beautiful cloth, and handmade crafts. Connect with history at the Keta Slave Fort, one of 45 slave forts built by the Europeans along the West African coast during the 1500’s. On the 21-day Flagship program, spend a weekend traveling deep into the Volta Region where we’ll hike to one of the tallest waterfalls in West Africa and visit a monkey sanctuary.


The Home Base is in southeast Ghana, approximately 3.5 hours from Accra, the capital city. It is located along the coast, in a rural village setting. Accommodations are basic, but clean and safe. There are shared bathrooms and cold-water showers. All students sleep in gender-segregated rooms with roommates.


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